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Blog Tour: Seaweed by Elle Strauss [Review & Giveaway!]

PUB DATE: une 15th 2012
By: ESB Publishing
Pages: 233
Source: Blog tour
Summary: [Goodreads/Amazon]
Dori Seward can’t wait to get out of Eastcove, a sleepy fishing village on the border of New Brunswick and Maine. She bides her time by hanging out with friends, attending swim club, and holding her biggest competition, Colby–who wants more than just friendship, at arm’s length.
Then Tor Riley comes to town and he has everything Dori dreams of in a boyfriend–looks, athleticism and mystery.
But Tor also has a tantalizing secret and Dori is determined to find out what it is. The truth is crazier than her wildest imaginations and more dangerous, too. Dori has new enemies, and they will do anything to get to her.
Her life, her dreams and her love for Tor are all weighing in the balance. Will Dori risk it all in order to have it all?
My Thought's (Lisseth):
This was my first mermaid book, just to see if i would like mermaid stories. So i was pleasantly surprised that I DO! Seaweed is not what it appears to be. PLUS that cover is GORGEOUS! ^__^
There were aspects of the book that worked and some that didn't. Lets start with the positives. I REALLY liked the building of the mermaid in this book. Which means, that I liked how the merfolk in the book had choices, of weather to go to land & transform (which is PAINFUL!) or stay in the sea forever. Also if these chose to go to land they got these pretty Sweet TATTOOS!! @_@
I liked the action in the book and the story it told. It was a fun, quick, and enjoyable read. PLUS it was nice that i couldn't put it down. There were some emotional, intense scenes, and A LOT of TWISTS. I love books that ensnare you ;)
Now, what didn't work so much. It had the infamous insta-love...It was like I just threw you off a cliff & ur in my head...I meet you at school & we go out, then completely days. Although Dori did seem hesitant & wanted to kill him the first time they met.
Another thing was that it had pretty choppy writing. It went from chapter to chapter and a whole night would pass with you not knowing what they did AFTER the chapter closed, because it was the NEXT DAY! O_O I also wished the characters had been better developed and less teenager-ish, they seemed very innocent & not as aware.
I really liked the secrets that Dori had to discover along the way as she became a creature of myth. It wasn't shocking but it was interesting and there were other love interests for her as well BUT it felt like too much. I loved the mythology of the book, with Dori being vital to a change of balance & possibly an underwater war. XD
Overall I liked this book and now i will definitely be reading more mermaid books in the future! It was enjoyable and a good starter to the mermaid genre of YA books, so i give it 3.5/5 GOLDEN FEATHERS!
About the Author: Elle Strauss
I write time travel and merfolk chic-lit, light SF and historical YA fiction. I'm a married mom of four, and live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, famous for beaches and vineyards. I'm fond of Lindt's sea salt dark chocolate and hiking in good weather. My YA rom/com time-travel CLOCKWISE is now available on Amazon, B&N and other sites!
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The author is giving away a signed print copy of CLOCKWISE with a whale fin necklace (pic attached of author wearing necklace) and a print copy of SEAWEED. Open to US/Canada only due to shipping. Please use the below Rafflecopter code if you would like to offer your readers the opportunity to enter:
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  1. I have never heard of Seaweed before now, but it sounds pretty cool! Adding to my TBR list right now . . .

  2. My mom's name is Dori!lol I love reading stories about mermaids, so I'm definitely adding it to my list. It sounds interesting. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Personally, it wasn't a strong case of insta-love (it wasn't love at first sight). At first, I was a little wary about the bad boy attraction Dori, but the romance worked out fine in the end.

  4. Thanks for posting about Seaweed. I love mermaids and really like the Syrenka Series by Amber Garr and Everblue by Brenda Pandos. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks is awesome as well ^.^


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