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Manga Mondays (2): Vampire Knight, Vol.2 by Matsuri Hino

Manga Monday is hosted by Alison Can Read. This button edit is my own. The image credits go to the manga, Vampire Knight!
Okay I have joined a new meme, again, YAY! I read tons of Manga's during my senior year of HS and have been wanting to review & spotlight some really AWESOME ones. Plus i received some ARCs of manga's to review and my little sister can help me out since ALL she READS ARE MANGA'S!
These reviews will be short ( I hope) and will have pictures from the manga's. So this week it is...
Vampire Knight, Vol. 2 (Vampire Knight #2) by Matsuri Hino
Yuki and Zero go into town to do some shopping for the Headmaster, and they are attacked by a fiendish vampire called a "Level E".
Two Night Class students, Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki, come just on time and slay it, and invite Yuki and Zero to their dormitory at midnight to find out why they killed one of their own kind...
Pages: 200
Published: May 1st 2007
By: VIZ Media LLC
My Thought's (Lisseth):
I really liked to see these characters expand & become more comfortable with each other in this second volume. PLUS that COVER is the BOMB! <3 it. I liked that they got the opportunity to go OUTSIDE of Cross Academy.
I wasn't expecting anything to really happen their, BUT OMG they get attacked & we meet...the "Level E" vampires. That additional level is KEY to the series because Zero has to prevent himself from becoming one.
When Zero & Yuki were gonna fight the level E & then the knight class students came to their aid it made me suspicious yet curious to see what their true intentions were. Then when their over to find out an answer & get surprised that it was Ichijo's birthday, i thought that was funny because Ichijo acted like a happy party host. =D
Oh GOD, Yuki & Kaname sit together with Zero within reach & just sit and it feels kinda intense & i was like, "Zero you better get her outta their, ASAP!" We also learn he's the last few PURE-BLOOD Vampire 0__0.
AH! then that scene in near the pool; I was like "is he really gonna do it again?" he does later BUT were introduced to...Toga Yagari. *SWOON* I really liked that hair, personality, and EYE-PATCH...yeah, an eye-patch. PLUS he was Zero's old vampire hunter master.
The ending chapter was so intense & their were a lot of choices made. I really liked that Yuki was willing to help Zero out by willingly giving him her blood. Then she faces Kaname & AH!>_< I was like "stop treating her like a kid". Then Yagari leaves! NO! =*(
Overall i really loved the second volume! I am growing to LOVE these characters & story, even though it seems kinda slow.I MUST find out what heppens next so 4.5/5 golden feathers!
Picture time!
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  1. Gotta love Vampire Knight!! it's a great story and I love Zero and Yuki as a couple, Though later on in the series i'm a bit confuse it might be because of the people translating it because i read the chapters online first before i buy them as they come out. Keep reading you won't be disappointed!

  2. Vampire Knight is amazing and absolutely one of my favorite mangas! (well, the earlier story arcs anyway). Hino Matsuri's art is gorgeous! I wish I could draw like her.

  3. Forget my last comment, I AM SO GIVING THE ANIME ANOTHER TRY. Just cuz I want to see what happens. :P I'm horrid, I know. Dude you gush SO MUCH. You're too convincing *will go broke*


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