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[Exponentially AWESOME] Review: Perception by Lee Strauss

PUB DATE: September 12th, 2012
By: ESB Publishing
Pages: 234
Source: author in exchange for review
Summary: [Goodreads/Amazon]
Seventeen year old Zoe Vanderveen is a GAP—a genetically altered person. She lives in the security of a walled city on prime water-front property along-side other equally beautiful people with extended life spans.
Her brother Liam is missing.
Noah Brody is a natural who lives on the outside. He leads protests against the GAPs and detests the widening chasm they’ve created between those who have and those who don’t. He doesn’t like girls like Zoe and he has good reason not to like her specifically.
Zoe’s carefree life takes a traumatic turn. She’s in trouble and it turns out that Noah, the last guy on earth she should trust, is the only one who can help her.
My Thought's (Lisseth):
OMG! This book was just what I needed to read. It was an indie, it had a sci-fi, dystopian world & a BEAUTIFUL romance! It was not what i expected & it truly captured me! =D
The world is SO interesting & unique. There is a division between the Naturals & the GAP's. Almost like the rich & poor. I liked that the GAP's had extended life's of about 200+ years & were normally blond haired, blue eyed, & flawless...basically perfection. While the Naturals were outside of the GAP cities & lived in horrible conditions & still as imperfect as us now.
That difference would ultimately create the tension between Zoe's family & life. I LOVED that she was curious, hard headed, and didn't let anything stand between her & the truth. I liked her relationship with Noah. It was sweet. They didn't like each other at all but slowly they learned to love each other for who they were not WHAT they were.
Along the way they learn many shocking things, like what really happened to her brother Liam & her as a child. I LOVED that i had NO CLUE what was going to happen next. It really keeps you on your toes.
Noah & Zoe go on crazy & dangerous missions. There was a part in the story that broke my heart. It really hit me as if I were Noah (i really got into the book) & it was hard. I liked that the author included BOTH Noah & Zoey's POV!
The ending. It was SO action packed & yet calm. It felt like they finally get some peace & after all that happened a little escape is exactly what they needed. It also left me wanting MORE!!! XD
Overall, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVED this book!!! It is a MUST READ for the fall & pretty fast. I highly recommend you give it a go, it will surprise you! SO, 5/5 GOLDEN FEATHERS!!
About the Author: Lee Strauss
I write YA time travel and merfolk chic-lit. I'm a married mom of four, and live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, famous for beaches and vineyards. I'm fond of Lindt's sea salt dark chocolate and hiking in good weather.I write mature historical and sci-fi YA under the name LEE Strauss.
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  1. I am so glad that this book is getting such good reviews. I hadn't heard of it until a few weeks ago, but it got me excited. It just has my name written all over it. It sounds like it is a book that I can start reading and actually NOT be able to figure out the story before I am supposed to. All in all, YAY! I can't wait to read it.

  2. Lisseth, you do bring so much fun & excitement to your book reviews - I swear it is catching and makes me want to haul butt to the nearest Barnes & Noble lol

    You know, Perception is one of those books that sort of makes you wonder if something like this couldn't actually be in our future? I've read a few articles on *designer* babies, etc ... and it sounds plausible that *one day* biotechnology will be able to offer something like this, plus extend our lifetimes. I would hate to think that such a scientific achievement would only be an option for the rich, but that seems to be the way the world works (ugh).

    And, of course, if that were the case, the social ramifications would be horrific, I would imagine. It would create a class war the likes of which we've never before seen. It would be like cryogenics times ten. So, if such a thing ever were to become legitimate, I'd hope mankind would be mature enough to use the technology wisely. <3
    Just my thoughts lol
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.


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