Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guess what's coming up for October / HALLOWEEN!! }:D [Bloggers wanted!]

Hehehe...Well now that i have your attention. Let's begin.
I don't celebrate Halloween like most people would (yeah I am weird O_O) Sure i have a monster movie marathon with my sister but i don't go out for treats (u know since i'm 18 and all, hmp) BUT i still wanna do something on the blog.
So i started to put together a way to get authors and BLOGGERS together...and suffer! Bwahahahaha [cue thunder & creepy music] Nah, JK. But still I wanna do something fun and Halloween related.
I came up with this idea of doing some interviews that would make authors & bloggers squirm in there seat. So "Hot Seat" was BORN!
It's ALIVE!!!
[P.S. this button took me like 2 hours of manipulation to create...just saying]
These are not your usual interview questions. NOPE! This event puts authors on the "hot seat" so to speak. So these questions are going to make you squirm in your seat, Let's see who can stand the Heat?!
Sneak peak @ some questions me & Nikki came up with [she is truelly evil]...
*What is your WORST nightmare?
*What is the scariest book you have EVER read and why?
*What has been your most embarrassing/funniest Halloween costume you have EVER worn?
*Scariest book-to-life connection? ( you know your reading a book then all of a sudden the door opens...O_O)
I will also be spotlighting all the Authors books. most are October debuts and bloggers [those brave enough] blogs! Also there will be a sweet giveaway to go along with the event [U know i love ya guys ^_^]
So far I am still waiting on a few others to reply and ANY BLOGGER interested can email me @ lizzy9rule@gmail.com (ASAP!) I want to start off the event next week!
SPREAD the Word!! Tweet, Facebook, Blog...do ANYthing! =D The more people, the more FUN there will be!! [Also if u tweet tag me, @ReadAholicZ]
So what do you think? U excited? Sound interesting? Leave me a comment & u could win the DIVINERS!-Comment Contest.


  1. I sent you a message Lisseth! Thanks so much for this giveaway! And the event! ;)

    Happy Reading! :)

  2. This sounds like such a great idea.

  3. I sending you a message( princescandy2008@yahoo.com)about the Hot Seat


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