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[Halloween] Hot Seat: Eileen from ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** PLUS GIVEAWAY

Well Hello there unsuspected blog follower! BWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to...
The second person to take on the HOT seat is none other than the my super funny, crazy, and Twitter obsessed [she went to Twitter Jail O_O] Bloggy Friend EILEEN!!! Who runs a few blogs BUT is the SOLE owner of ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** Let's begin, shall we :D
And as with Lili Peloquin I made Leeny [me & Nikki's nickname for Eileen] into a ZOMBIE! Sort of, I tried! >_<
1) Lets start this easy. What is your secret fear?
Err...if we're going to get emotional, it would be not accomplishing my dream and not giving it my all, my dream being becoming a successful singer.
If we're getting physical, I used to always be afraid of the dark. It's not as bad now, but after I've read a creepy part in my book and then go to sleep right after, I'm like "NOBODY KILL ME" over and over in my head.
[Leeny has a really good voice & I know one day she'll receive a GRAMMY from Taylor Swift X_X. Of course the dark is scary too.]
2) What is your WORST nightmare?
So this tiger was in my house, and it was chasing me up the stairs, so I locked myself into my room. The tiger broke through the door and I locked myself in my closet (I have a walk-in so I hid in the middle near this nook in it). But then before it could tear me to shreds I woke up.
No lol that wasn't that scary. But I did have this dream where my dad and I were dogs and Dad-dog died and I was crying. And then another one was where I serial killer got my family and we were in our school cafeteria and was about to take a saw and cut my arm in half. My mind is weird lol.
[LOL, yes ur mind is weird Leeny! But i LOVE ur crazy nightmares, there entertaining!]
3) What is the scariest book you have EVER read and why?
GRAVEDIGGERS by Christopher Krovatin! There were TONS of zombies and it was like so scary so afterwards I was like "DON'T LET THE ZOMBIES KILL ME MOM"
[I haven't read that book yet, but i am scared of ZOMBIES! @_@]
4) If you could be any monster, who would you be?
me: i guess so.
E:THEN THOSE! Because they can sing really well
5) In a fight, who would you bet money would win; zombie bride or Frankensteins bride?
O_O Zombie bride DUH! She can eat brains!! >_<
[Well can't argue with that, it would be easy if Frankensteins' bride doesn't bring a flamethrower X_X]
6) What has been your most embarrassing/funniest Halloween costume you have EVER worn?
A few years ago in sixth grade, I dressed up as the awkwardest thing ever: the opposite of me. I wore a sign called "Neelie Il" since that was my name backwards, and I only did it because I had this dress and my mom made me wear it for Christmas and it had this REALLY inappropriate thing written on the back only I didn't know >.<
[LOL, would totally want a picture! & what did that dress say O_o]
7) If you could throw a trick instead of a treat, what would it be?
Hmmm...*uncreative* I have no idea actually. Seriously. I'm the most boring person alive.
[no, that would me!]
8) Scariest book-to-life connection? (you know your reading a book then all of a sudden the door opens...O_O)
If it was really scary I'd either forgotten it or I'm so boring. Most likely the latter.
True. Well, thanks Eileen for sitting in the HOT SEAT today on the Blog!
About Eileen and her blog:
Hi! I live in the United States of America and am a 13-year-old just trying to live life. :) I'm a singer, reader, and student. I want to be a singer so much when I grow up and even write my own songs. I also am an avid reader.
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  1. Eileen has a beautiful blog! And I wish her all the best & much success with her future singing! <3
    Mary DeBorde (M.A.D.)


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