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[Halloween] Hot Seat with...Carrie Arcos author of OUT OF REACH! + GIVEAWAY!

Well Hello there unsuspected blog follower! BWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to...
The third person to take on the HOT seat is none other than the AWESOME CARRIE ARCOS!!! Author of the recently released OUT OF REACH!! Let's begin, shall we :D
And as with everyone i made Carrie into a VAMPIRE! [Sort of, I tried! >_<]
1) Lets start this easy. If you could, would you want to be a werewolf, a zombie, or a vampire?
I’d say a vampire. Changing into a werewolf looks painful. And a zombie would smell or I could start loosing limbs.
[EEK it does sound painful! X_X]

2) What is your WORST nightmare?
That I would be eaten alive by a shark.
[Yeah that would be totally SCARY!]
3) What is the scariest book you have EVER read and why?
I don’t read a lot of scary books, but probably one of the most disturbing was BLINDNESS about what would happen if most of the world suddenly went blind. They are basically put into concentration camps and have to try to survive with people doing all kinds of awful things because there’s no law. I still shudder thinking about it.
[@_@ that does sound scary...concentration camps & blindness...X_X]
4) If you were dragged to the underworld, what would you do? (besides scream in blind terror)
I would somehow find a sword, summon my Buffy skills, and fight to get the heck out of there.
[=D Yeah that work's more than going into hysterics]
5) What is your favorite Halloween Movie? (which means, the one that made you scream & fear the most!)
Nightmare on Elm Street. Freddy is terrifying, and they have that creepy song!
[True that song IS CREEPY! XD]
6) What has been your most embarrassing/funniest Halloween costume you have EVER worn?
One year when I was a kid my brother and I had to dress up as garbage people, which meant that we wore a black, plastic trash bag and smeared make-up on our faces. It was ridiculous.
[LOL, garbage people, sounds like FUN ^_^]
7) If you could throw a trick instead of a treat, what would it be?
[YAY for Bubbles!]
8) If you had 6 seconds of life, what would you think about?
My family and God.
Yeah those 2 would be at the top. Well, thanks Carrie for sitting in the HOT SEAT today on the Blog!
About Carrie's book OUT OF REACH:
Published: October 16th 2012
By: Simon Pulse
Pages: 256
How do you find someone who doesn’t want to be found?
A girl searches for her missing addict brother while confronting her own secrets in this darkly lyrical novel.Rachel has always idolized her older brother Micah. He struggles with addiction, but she tells herself that he’s in control. And she almost believes it. Until the night that Micah doesn’t come home.
Rachel’s terrified—and she can’t help but feel responsible. She should have listened when Micah tried to confide in her. And she only feels more guilt when she receives an anonymous note telling her that Micah is nearby and in danger.
With nothing more to go on than hope and a slim lead, Rachel and Micah’s best friend, Tyler, begin the search. Along the way, Rachel will be forced to confront her own dark secrets, her growing attraction to Tyler…and the possibility that Micah may never come home.
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  1. thanks for the great post and giveaway! This book sounds very good and thought provoking.

  2. This giveaway is the bomb! I just heard about this book yesterday and it piqued my interest. It sounds great I can't wait to read i.

  3. The book trailer really fits the book description.


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