Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RENEGADE BLOG TOUR Starts today! & How it came to be

OMG we did it! I do't know how me and Nikki pulled this off...but we did. We were able to organize a blog tour for RENEGADE!
Nikki of course being the bolder one, handled the email part and most of the talking...i just made pretty buttons and Helped contact & spread the word about it! [doesn't sound like much, but it is!]
HOW did this idea come up?
Crazy joking of course. Me, Nikki, and our friend Abby were g chatting as always and Abby was like,
"You [me] and nikki do SO many blog tours, you should host one!"
We were like "LOL, of course...someday"
After that me & Nikki talked SERIOUS..*serious face*
and realised that running a blog tour wld be s whole NEW & FUN experience. It took us a WHOLE NIGHT to make emails, find bloggers, and make a GORGEOUS banner [if i say so myself XP]
and that is how this tour was born...PLUS J.A Souders is SUPER nice & friendly!!! [HUGE HUG, even though she only thinks Nikki is organizing the tour]
Woohoo, I am OPENING the tour with and AWESOME Guest Character Post, review, and GIVEAWAY!!
There will also be a general GIVEAWAY for an ARC of RENEGADE!!
So let the FUN begin!!!
What do u think? Comment this month and you could win FANG GIRL & SWAG!!


  1. *giggle* I LOVE your 'serious face' lol
    Anyhoo, congratties on putting together such an awesome blog tour ... that had to be a lot of work!

    I've never been part of something that big, can only imagine all the organization it took - but it's pretty cool that the author is so sweet! <3

    Also, your banner rocks! Very, very pretty!! :)
    Mary DeBorde aka M.A.D.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and your graphics are so much cute :)


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