Friday, October 5, 2012

[Sweet Evil Read-A-long] Week One: ROAD TRIP!

Hey guys! You read it right I HAVE JOINED A READ-A-LONG!! This is my first one and it's for SWEET EVIL! I won a signed book from Wendy & i felt so bad i haven't had the chance to read it yet, so this proved to be the chance to do it! ^_^
This week on the Read-A-long, we had to read chapters 1-9 and the Theme for this week was
And every time I think or road trip, i think of the movie COLLEGE ROAD TRIP, so I'm gonna use that to reference.
I haven't gone on many road trips...I think only twice to Virginia. We went straight through BUT we stopped at rest stops. Those were actually fun because we got to look around and pick up some fun souvenirs.
But things didn't always go as expected...sometimes the battery to the portable DVD would go out, the car needed gas, we needed to pee, or we got hungry...this was my reaction:
And along the way we meet some CRAZY FUNNY people. Like these two:
But in the end, the memories we made are what made the trip fun! And in the end that was what mattered PLUS getting to where we needed to be. =D
My thought So far (Lisseth):
OMG! So far this book is like OUT of this WORLD HOT & ENTICING! I have never been so addicted to a story in a long time. I really LIKE Anna & Jays friendship. He's so protective and funny. Would like to meet him ;)
NOW. Kaiden, whose name sounds like thai food, is REALLY HOT. I didn't initially like him.. *SHOCK* :O But then i kinda got over his arrogance & the "in your face" thing he does. But then his accent and that he's not a complete jerk to Anna, softened him to me. PLUS he's a drummer & HOTT, with two T's!
I am LOVING this book so far. SO really *heart breaking* seriously X?!?! Ah & then jay gets wasted & yeah...i NEED to read more! =D
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  1. So glad you're liking SWEET EVIL, Lisseth! It's one of my favs. I've actually never seen the movie College Road Trip, but your screen shots made it look good (and Raven's in it! lol).

  2. OH! I love this! I haven't watched College Roadtrip but now I feel like it's a need. LOL I hope you finish loving it as much as I do. :)


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