Thursday, October 11, 2012

Written Thursdays (1): Ballet, Suicide, and breakfast?

Okay so I have decided to begin writing. I have so many great ideas and I really want at least ONE to come through 100% done. So I decided to hold a meme here every thursday where I can vent my progress on my writing & get YOUR opinions!
Plus it will get me to ACTUALLY WRITE something. So it's more for my benefit but you'll get to see the progress & help me with my writing. Sorta like Beta readers but more free & less pressured for you ^_^
Lets start!
So I was hearing "She Wolf (falling to pieces)" by David Guetta ft. Sia & "Bad Girls" by MIA and I decided to write. FOR REAL this time. I WILL CONTINUE this, even if my fingers have to bleed @_@ I MUST!
So here is a snippet of what i have so far: [sorry it's a bit long]
The day started as any other for Carryn. Well as well as any other suicidal teenager with nothing to live for could. She had everything planned to the T, nothing but her own stupidity would mess it up. Looking to her left at the clock she noticed it was only…6:50am. WAY too early for her to be up but today was different she could feel it. There was just this feeling in her that beckoned to her that today was the day her life would change. Weather that be for the better or for the worst was yet to be decided.
Getting out of bed and dressing was the hardest part of her day. She would actually have to care about how she looked and what others thought but the truth was she didn’t give shit what they thought of her. To them she was nothing, dirt, invisible. It hurt when she realized that 2 years ago.
When she was trying out for the ballet academy, her so called “friends” decided to have an intervention with her. Sure she wasn't the prettiest or skinniest but she knew she had as much a chance as them to make it. When they saw that she wouldn’t budge, they decided to play dirty and turned against her. They made her life before the trials a living hell. So she had chickened out.
Never, she decided, never again would she be intimidated. Sure she had been depressed for a while, even went on a diet that didn't work. Eventually she learned to embrace her new outcast, loner appeal. No one talked to her. No one talked about her, much. That's the way she liked it but it didn't mean her life at home or school was peaceful, because it wasn't.
Nobody talked to her, so nobody knew. That her life had cracks, HUGE cracks that would have destroyed her old self completely. So she decided to dress in her usual black hoodie, black worn out converse, and plain jeans. Her usual. She put some makeup on and looked at herself in the mirror, not half bad, she might have smiled had she not have to deal with what was coming next... breakfast.
"Now on to breakfast, where every day's plate is served with cold and harsh insults. Yay."
She always tried to spin it the right way, but even she wasn't that good at pep talks. So it just sounded cynical to her ears. Oh well, life is what it is.
So what happens at breakfast? Where is this story headed? What other crazy cheese will happen? And what secrets is Carryn hiding? More next week. Depending on the response to this week.
Have u written anything? Like/ hate the meme? Leave me a comment & you can win A HUGE GRAND PRIZE!

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  1. Wow. That's neat Lisseth. I like your style, though as a fellow Teen author, I'd like to point out that for me I like to write in 1st person. It helps me connect with the character more and get into their head. You've got great stuff here. I like it, but if this is the opening scene, I'd just say that I think you could make it a little more engaging. Hence the 1st person character involvement.More conversation even if it's with herself.

    But that is all I have to writing notes. I LOVE the idea and it seems like this is going to be great! Good luck on your writing! It's so much fun! :D Can't wait to see what you have coming next! Yay for Breakfast. ;P

    <3 Inky@ Book Haven Extraordinaire


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