Saturday, November 17, 2012

BOOK BLITZ: Miss Fortune Cookie by Lauren Bjorkman [Excerpt]

PUB DATE: November 13th 2012
By: Henry Holt and Co.
Pages: 288
Summary: [Goodreads / Amazon]
Meet Erin. Smart student, great daughter, better friend. Secretly the mastermind behind the popular advice blog Miss Fortune Cookie. Totally unaware that her carefully constructed life is about to get crazy.
It all begins when her ex-best friend sends a letter to her blog—and then acts on her advice. Erin’s efforts to undo the mess will plunge her into adventure, minor felonies, and possibly her very first romance.
What’s a likely fortune for someone no longer completely in control of her fate? Hopefully nothing like: You will become a crispy noodle in the salad of life.
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MIGHT have to Zoom in to read the excerpt! Enjoy!! =D
About the Author : Lauren Bjorkman
I am the author of two YA novels, MY INVENTED LIFE and MISS FORTUNE COOKIE. I also contributed a short story to the anthology THE FIRST TIME.
Though I grew up on a sail boat and loved traveling the world as a kid, I'm still afraid of the ocean. I much prefer other modes of transportation these days--plane, train, or car. Walking is best.
I love books with multi-faceted, intriguing characters. The best one make me laugh, cry, and turn the pages long past my bed time.
When I'm not reading or writing, I spend time with family and friends, talking about everything under the sun. Add in some good food to the mix, top it off with chocolate, and I'm truly happy.
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  1. This sounds sooo cute. I'm looking for more contemporaries to read. Definitely adding this one to my list!


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