Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where is Waldo? I mean me.

Hey guys right now I'm in an airport in Ecuador. I left Peru at 3am and the plane left at 6:16 am...I AM OFFICIALLY DEAD.
Just ate breakfeast and had egged. I haven't eaten them in a whole WEEK?!?!? ^_^ Tummy happy.
My plane to NY comes to the port at 1:10pm but we have been waiting since 8:40 am... T_T well ill be home and well rested by 7-8 pm.
Sorry I missed 2 blog tours yesterday, but there was no Internet access at my grandmothers house.And right now I have like 40 minutes of wifi, so yeah not much to do.
Only good things that I took tons of pictures and read like 10 books!!!! YAY, oh and Rockoholic was Amazing and touching, really not what I expected but in a good way^_^
well that's it my blog followers and friends. SEE YA IN A FEW...if I don't decide to go to Colombia for a few hours ;)

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