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ARC Review: Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire #3) by Courtney Allison Moulton [Plus ROCKING TEASERS!]

PUB DATE: January 29th 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 469
Source: Around the World ARC Tours
SUMMARY: [Goodreads / Amazon]
Your strength in heart and hand will fall. . . . Ellie knows that the darkest moments are still to come, and she has everything to fight for:
She must fight for Will.
The demonic have resorted to their cruelest weapons to put Will in mortal danger, and Ellie makes an unlikely alliance to save him and to stop Lilith and Sammael, who seek to drown the world in blood and tear a hole into Heaven.
She must fight for humanity.
As the armies of Hell rise and gather for the looming End of Days, Ellie and her band of allies travel to the world’s darkest and most ancient regions in her quest to come into her full glory as the archangel Gabriel.
And Ellie must save herself.
Her humanity withers beneath the weight of her cold archangel power, but Ellie must hold tight to who she is and who she loves as she prepares for the ultimate battle for Heaven and Earth.
In this final installment in the Angelfire trilogy, Courtney Allison Moulton brings her dark world of epic battles and blistering romance to a blazing bright conclusion
My Thought's (Lisseth):
Okay I will NOT LIE, when i got the ARC in the mail I was literally like this...
I had JUST finished reading Wings of the Wicked, and OMG that ending was KILLER! So I needed this like a mad woman. @_@
The story starts out right where WINGS OF THE WICKED ENDED, with Ellie going to Caden for help. One of the BEST things that I LOVED about this book we get to see another side of him.
A more human, kind and very much DIFFERENT one than his father. We learn so many little things that it made me LOVE him more, plus every time he's with Ellie he's sweet and DANG IT I SO wanted to hug him!
Ellie is completely baffled by this side she only glimpsed in the previous book. She is also on an a MISSION to save Will. So she and Caden embark on a "road trip" of sorts to find a cure for Will. Which was FULL of LOL, and touching moments! =)
Ellie is also surprised by someone in her family knowing what she is. She also breaks some laws and, unfortunately, suffers more losses. In this book she's also VERY fierce and very much the archangel Gabrielle!
Oh don't forget there is a HUGE supernatural baddie on the lose that she still has to stop! And a HUGE battle ensues. I also liked that some brotherly ties were mended ;) I mean the revelations on Will were shocking but it just made the book that mush MORE interesting.
Then THE ENDING. Oh lord! Tears, tears, and oh so much emotion! I did NOT expect that, i mean i KNEW eventually it would happen. BUT I WASN'T Prepared!!! Courtney had me like this one moment...
and then this...
THERE was an EPILOGUE!! In Will's POV, FINALLY! It was emotional and i LOVED that it was his POV. but then I got to the last few pages and i was like...
Overall, this book was INTENSE, FILLED WITH EMOTION, ACTION, AND in my opinion a GREAT WAY TO END THIS TRILOGY! I loved this book x 100! Can't wait to buy my own copy (since this was a traveling ARC) If you are a fan of the series then YOU WILL LOVE this book! 5/5 AMAZING STACKS of BOOKS!
Favorite Quotes:
Ellie & Caden, ARC
I rolled my eyes and ignored his remark. "There better be a room with two beds. If we have to spoon in a double, I'll be even grumpier"
"I hog the blankets anyway."
"I kick crotches in my sleep"
"Please give me just one kiss. i only want to know--"
"Caden, I am going to slap you."
When I felt his lips brush mine, I hit him. He nearly fell to the ground, but he let me go and hobbled to his feet.
Ellie & Judah, ARC
"Do you know the difference between an demonic reaper and an angelic reaper?"
"I know the difference between a good man and a bad one," he replied. "No one's perfect, and that boy wears his heart on his sleeve. I am also an imperfect man. Who am I to judge someone else based on where they come from? What counts is what the man does with his life and for others."
Book Song MATCH UP!
For this book while reading it heard THREE songs that fit really well with the characters/story. This one is FIGURE 8 by ELLIE GOULDING! I think it captures Ellie's emotions and her feelings for Will.
This one is IT'S TIME by IMAGINE DRAGON'S and I think this one captures the ending of the book and the trilogy in total! ENJOY! =)
This one i picked for Caden & Will, because hello? There LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN! Plus it's a fun moving song =)
[Like the SONG-BOOK MATCH UP part of the review?]
That's it! Are you a fan of the trilogy? Are you sad to see it ending? EXCITED about this book coming out? COMMENT


  1. Such an awesome review and thank you for the songs! I'd never heard Figure 8 before and I'm obsessed. It'll be on repeat all day!!

    1. LOL, ^_^ YAY! Not many people have heard it but hello feathers!?! and thanks for checking it out! =D

  2. Thats a really awesome review. I enjoyed it because you made me look forward to it even more (i'll have tissues ready) but at the same time you didn't give anything away. :] lovely.

    1. Aw :3 Thanks Ming! And yes TISSUES ARE A MUST!! Yup my lips are sealed :P Thanks for stopping by and commenting, much <33!

  3. AHHH! I need this book! *sniff* There better be a happy ending . . .

    Team Will.

    1. LOL, there is but there's also some sadness before XP And YUP TEAM WILL! thanks for stopping by & checking out the review Katelyn, much <3!

  4. Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked are two of my favorite stories to date, and will continue to be favorites. This final book is on my Kindle and I am so ready to read it. Now after your review, I am even more excited about it. It sounds to me like it is as awesome as the first two books. Can't wait for more of these amazing characters and this awesome and scary world!

    1. OMG I LOVED the WHOLE SERIES and there my favorite stories too! YOU MUST READ IT. like, NOW! LOL yup you need more cuz it's awesome! Thanks for checking out the review Jaime, much <33!


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