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Venom Readalong! : Week 1 (Chapters : 1-8) - Late :P

yes, I know it's not week 1 anymore but I had so much in life going on that posting this late was a know fact for me. Sorry about that, but YES i joined the readalong. Y? because I WANT to finish a readlong and I've had an ARC of Venom since the summer @_@ and NOW i'm just getting to read it :P
Each week we answer questions Nikki @ Fiction Freak & Annabelle @ Sparkles and Lightning, whom give us and we answer them. SIMPLE. So join in too, if you want ;) over HERE!
1. What do you think of Falco so far? Do you trust him?
So far not much. I think yes, he's an artist, hot, and mysterious. He's very flirty and outspoken, brave and i like that. He also believes in science MORE than religion, pretty drastic thinking for back then. Do I trust him? Maybe. Only because he doesn't seem like the guy to be a killer but he is crazy mysterious.
2. Thoughts on Siena?
O_O i have A LOT of thought's on her. She's the ex-maid / lady friend or something (sorry I am bad at titles) all i know is that she smells fishy. One second she's shy and docile and sweet, the next she's really mean & subtly insults Cass. Plus I feel she has some ulterior motives, It's a gut feeling. O_-
3. If you were in Cass's place, would you sneak out and try to solve it or try your best to shake it off?
Uh, HELLO SOMEONE WANTS TO KILL ME!?!?! Yes, i want to try and solve this case or else I will die doing nothing!
4. Do you have any suspects so far? Answer this ONLY if you haven't read the book!
YES! I do have one person in particular that I am suspecting on. It's not Falco but my gut is telling me it's Sienna. She is just not sitting well with me.
5. Is it stupid of Cass to trust Falco so much? Would you, in her place?
No I DON'T think it's stupid to trust him so much. He seem's harmless enough and if I were in her place i would want to find out who the killer is; if he's helping I'm taking! Also if he were the killer then this is all I have to say:
"Keep your friends close but your enemy's CLOSER!"
6. Do you think Cass' Aunt Agnese is smothering her?
I think her Aunt is smothering her a bit but not much. She has her on a leash kinda but at the same time she does give her a LOT of freedom. So it's a mix.
7. Did anything seem off about the funeral to you?
Yeah the fact the priest said an ominous foreboding thing to Cass and that the funeral was kinda boring. Not really interesting and I kinda wanted to finish reading during it.
8. Do you think that Cass is too accepting or not accepting enough of her position in society, or do you feel she is just accepting enough?
I feel SHE DOESN'T WANT her position in society. Y? Because she feels trapped like a bird in a cage. She accepts it but she's not too happy about it.
9. Have you noticed any foreshadowing? If so, what? (You don't have to be right, just say what you think!)
The note she get's from the messenger saying "SHE'S NEXT -X" plus the priests warning is in the back of my head too.
10. What do you think about Cass' childhood so far from what we've heard?
She was really allowed to think as a child both her parents were happy and i feel her childhood was pretty good & sweet. And I think she just misses her parents.
THAT'S IT! :D *Painless, right?!*
SO FAR it took a bit to get into the book BUT NOW I AM LOVING IT! The mystery and Falco has me wanting to know more! Hopefully i can post the next readalong questions sooner :P
Thanks for stopping by and what do YOU think? Read it?

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