Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[$6 Books] Take a poll for me, ONLY 4 QUESTIONS... PLEASE :)

Okay so as you have noticed I have not been around the blogs for a while now, sorry! But as they say, "LIFE HAPPENS" and life is so throwing me into holes.
College from the start was an unattainable dream and so far there are so many complications i have no idea how I'm staying sane.
So this brings me to this poll. I NEED UR FEEDBACK. I have a "SECRET" project I'm working on and if everything goes up to planes then I'll be GIVING YOU cheaper books :) Cuz come on who doesn't want to save some money? right?
I have a really interesting business idea (business major) and wanted to get ur thoughts before I go any further. I REALLY need money to pay of college debts but I want to do something to help out my fellow readers who also have a life and can't always afford those $10 - $16 YA books from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
Yeah there may be other places that offer it cheaper to you BUT I want to make it so YOU pay LESS THAN 6 DOLLARS! Say wat?! YUP but it's only for the US that I'll open up shop for (sorry international, if i could I would).
SO HELP ME!! I <3 you all and it's a simple yes/no questions. It would REALLY help me, help you!
Would you pay $6 for a Hardback with free shipping to the US?
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Would you pay $4 - $5 for a paperback book with free shipping to the US?
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Do you have a PayPal account?
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What do you think of the idea of selling books for less than $6?
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Once all the feedback comes in i'll share my secret project with you all! *crosses fingers* thanks for your HELP :D
That's it! THANKS & COMMENT :)

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  1. Gave my answers for all four polls, Hope it helps


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