Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let's Talk: Bloglovin, Feedly, Giveaways and 1,000+ FOLLOWERS!

So all of you know about GFC going out of business soon; so I won't KILL ya by repeating it. Just wanna say that I <3 YOU ALL! Because so far I have 140+ followers on BLOGLOVIN. I know not ALL of you use Bloglovin, so If you use FEEDLY I made a button to follow me on there too :)
Follow on Bloglovin
And on that note WE REACHED 1,000+ followers on GFC!!! That is SO INCREDIBLE. I will now express myself through my favorite character MABEL!! *enjoy*

I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Thanks you for following and commenting, IT MEANS A LOT to me :) Also don't forget to enter there GIVEAWAYS on the blog:

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 photo 02021098-3692-4fd6-b54e-84ebec3edf48_zps3dbb0205.jpg
 photo bb4a0ab4-72a5-483c-bab7-4ce7ae07a1ff_zpsf9a144ff.jpg
 photo 51b32365-c5c6-4797-bb4c-1363f3f68e06_zpsaa4ffb41.jpg
 photo f76e265b-ddca-4cb8-8918-9bb00b27033f_zpsf1356b42.jpg
Thanks for stopping by! Comment & ENTER! :D


  1. I added you on Bloglovin'. Just claimed my blog the other day. I hope it works out to be a good match. I rather like GFC and I'm sad it's going. Feel free to follow back:

  2. I really like Bloglovin' :) When I first signed up, Bloglovin' transferred over all of the blogs I had on my reader. So I was already following :) Congrats on the milestone!

  3. I just started using blogloving and I really like it! It's awesome... I've always really liked GFC I'm sad it's going!

  4. MABEL! GRAVITY FALLS! I prefer Korra...
    THAT'S SO UNFAIR! Just when you get 1,100 followers, google cruelly takes them away from you! They should at LEAST let you keep them! (maybe not allow new followers?)
    GFC was something that made blogger SPECIAL, and was the main thing wordpressers envied.
    I heard google reader is being cancelled too! Argh!


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