Tuesday, April 2, 2013

COVER REVEAL + EXCERPT = The Secret Eater by Ros Jackson

TODAY we are doing another cover reveal!! Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for letting us host the reveal for the book THE SECRET EATER. Edited by Anna Genoese and cover art by Rick Parsons. Continue to read more...
About: The Secret Eater by Ros Jackson
PUB DATE: Monday, 15th July 2013
format: eBook
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Adventure (Novella)
Kenssie is a demon who feeds from secrets. Lately pickings have been slim, and she has grown so weak that her shield of invisibility is slipping. As the servant of a demon who eats embarrassment she already feels like she's the laughing stock of the demonic world. But the scorn of someone who thinks the Hawaiian shirts are the height of cool is the least of her worries.
A powerful fear demon is dead set on making her his slave, a position that carries seriously short life expectancy.
She has no friends.
No powers.
No clue.
Her only hope of escaping a life of terror lies in stealing a grimoire she's never seen from the clutches of a vindictive group of master demons.

Here's a EXCERPT:
I can see you, demon. What do you want?
Kenssie turned round from the bookshelf she'd been examining – herbals mostly, interspersed with the latest from Hugh and Nigella, but with some very interesting forbidden spellbooks sprinkled in. The woman was staring straight at her. Talking to her. And that could mean only one thing: she was a powerful witch.
So you can hear me. Get off my things.
Kenssie narrowed her eyes in a way she hoped was intimidating. She straightened her shoulders. Stared the witch directly in her deep brown, too-seeing eyes, and prepared to show her exactly why demons were feared. The witch stared back, unflinching.
Come on,” the mortal demanded.
Kenssie focused, feeling her head swirl with the whispers of stolen thoughts, and an electric surge as her power coalesced in the air around her. It hummed with energy, ionising the air and making the carpet under her feet crackle with static. Soon, the woman's life would be hers. Kenssie would have every moment from her birth onward. The power grew, swirling furiously like a wormhole tornado, opening a psychic portal between demon and victim that would flood her with power.
Stop that. It's annoying.
Kenssie was outraged. How dare this mortal speak to her like this! She focused her mind for a devastating pull, enough to rip ordinary mortals all the way down to insanity. She bared her teeth and felt the air grow thick, whilst the smell of copper and ozone filled her nose. Then she unleashed the magic.
And . . . nothing. Not so much as an embarrassing faux pas at a dinner party. Not even her name. Either the witch had just experienced an attack of amnesia that had wiped out her entire life history from memory, or she was extraordinarily resilient, even for a witch.
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*Taken from author's site* :D
About the author:

Rock singer, xenobiologist and ninja are just some of the jobs Ros wishes she could put on her CV.
She has been a book blogger for over a decade, and has done a wide range of different jobs whilst dreaming of the written word. She lives in Lincolnshire under the iron rule of a grumpy black cat.
Find & follow her on: Twitter / Goodreads / Website
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  1. Thanks for featuring this, Lisseth. I know I'm very pleased with Rick's interpretation of the character.


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