Monday, April 29, 2013

Dual 3-D COVER REVEALS: Hope's Reign & The Tale of the Valiant Hero Kenta

Title: Hope's Reign (Memory's Wake Trilogy #2)
Author: Selina Fenech
Publication Date: May 10th 2013
Publisher: Fairies and Fantasy Pty Ltd
Genre: YA Fantasy
Summary from Goodreads here:
Everything is slipping away from Memory. The bond of friendship between her, Eloryn, Roen, and Will, that was formed while running for their lives is tearing.
In a world that doesn’t feel like home, with a mind filled with nothing but questions, Memory struggles to be true to herself… whoever that is.
When her past self starts haunting her, she knows her sanity could be the next thing she will lose.

Now about the author herself!

Born in 1981 to Australian and Maltese parents, Selina lives in Australia with her husband, daughter, and an unnamed cat. During her life Selina has found ancient Roman treasure, survived cancer, had knights joust at her wedding, been mugged for doughnuts, made a living as a visual artist, and shared her imaginary worlds in paintings and now in her novels.
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Title: The Tale of the Valiant Hero Kenta
Author: Ezra Jonah Jacobs
Publication Date: March 22, 2013
Publisher: Shining Sky Priests
Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance/Historical/Action-Adventure
Summary from Amazon here:
Kenta Takeyama is a 16 year old martial artist who possesses superhuman strength and abilities and the Takeyama -ryuu fighting art. He desires to become the most powerful shogun on the Nikkoujima (Sun Light Islands), as there are much more powerful men in the world.
He lives with his father Tesshin, who trained him in the martial arts, and his mother Amaya, who is the former princess of a royal family and master fighter; his little sister Mana, who wants to become a famous play actress and open her own production studio, as well as his pet bear Kumomori, whom he had since he was 4. Kenta finds that it’s time to follow his dreams of becoming a great and powerful shogun (using his power to protect people and build more homes and villages, help the poor and starving, rather than just for pomp and circumstance.
He wants the people to live in peace and prosperity with no fear, as the world is already entering another age of war. Essentially, he wants to change the country). And so, with his parents’ permission, he decides to travel to Senkyou to enlist in the military and become a true samurai warrior. He feels confident that the can do so after going through many trials and travels through his childhood, and training under the tutelage of his father in his family’s martial arts styles.

Now about the author himself!

Ezra Jonah Jacobs was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He studied at Oglethorpe University, discovering his love for writing novels during his time there.
He has a fond interest in kung fu and karate as well as poetry, world literature as well as music and video games, all of which played a great influence to his works. He found a strong fascination with the style of writing called Wuxia (martial arts fiction; chivalry fiction) and adapted the style for his first published novel.
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