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BLOG TOUR: Storm by Evan Angler [REVIEW (explosive gifs) + GIVEAWAY]

Publication Date: May 7th 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Pages: 266
source: publisher for tour
Summary from Goodreads (here):
In a future United States under the power of a charismatic leader, everyone gets the Mark at age thirteen. The Mark allows citizen to shop, go to school, and even get medical care--without it, you are on your own. Few refuse to get the Mark. Those who do . . . disappear.
Logan Langly went in to get his Mark, but he backed out at the last minute. Ever since, he's been on the run from government agents and on a quest to find his sister Lily, who disappeared when she went to get her Mark five years earlier. His journey leads him to befriend the Dust, a vast network of Markless individuals who dissent against the iron-grip rule of the government. Along the way to the capital to find Lily, the Dust receive some startling information from the Markless community, opening their eyes to the message of Christianity and warning that humanity is now entering the End of Days.
In "Storm," Logan and his friends are the leaders of the Markless revolution. But while some Markless are fighting Chancellor Cylis' army, the Dust is busy trying to find a cure for a horrible epidemic sweeping through the Marked. And it's difficult for them to know who to trust, especially when they aren't sure if Logan's sister Lily, one of the commanders in Cylis' army, is on their side or not. And all across the nation--and the world--the weather is become less stable, and a storm is brewing that bigger than any of them could have ever imagined...
OMG, Seriously explosive!! These books never seem to bore me and always surprise me with how awesome they are! I'm going to keep this spoiler free because you REALLY SHOULD read this series :) Even though it is MG and slightly religious, it's STILL a great read for everyone. SWIPE [review] surprised me, SNEAK [review] addicted me, and STORM was a clash of awesomeness!
For a MG book these books have a LOT of action. And STORM had no less in that department. It was a crazy wild ride that kept me wondering what ELSE could go wrong, could get them caught, or dead. I won't give too much away BUT Longan has done it again and escaped. And becomes a symbol yet he's got a lot bigger fish to catch. *cheesy, but true :P* There were so many twists and things never really slowed down too much but kinda LOVE it! The stakes and tension are high and YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE with the MARK O_O.
The Dust, Erin, Lily, Peck, and all the other characters that I've come to love and hate. I really LOVE how each one is growing. Logan is a favorite character of mine. He is very badass! When I read his POV parts I FEEL what he feels. For a book to do that is pretty amazing for me because not many can do that. Erin and peck are my favorites right after Logan :) I liked how all the "kids" and the Markless act. They aren't afraid to stand up, to fight, and there passion is something I admired. I also liked it when I get to read different POV's from different characters. You see sides you wouldn't have even thought the character had! That element really helped me connect with the characters and the story.
"I guess we lost the battle," Erin said. "But this isn't over yet. And it's still up to us to win this war." Before her, the crowds puddle jumped. They splashed. They danced in her storm.
Then that ENDING! OMFGGVTRKJS! I did not see it happening AT ALL! It seriously BLEW ME AWAY! I especially love the part where the author has his OWN little cameo and asks Logan's grandmother weather the truth should be revealed. AND IT IS! AND AH! *spazz* I can not even believe Logan is...WAS...AH! I can't say more BUT I CAN give you this quote ;)
"No," the girl said as Logan soared higher. "I can't change that at all." She laughed now, playfully. "But Anything can have it's own way of setting you free."
Back in the physical world, Logan would sit in his empty, finite cell, for who knew how long. But the IT before him had opened wide. His new friend led the way. Logan shielded his eyes. He squinted sharply. He thought, What's Next?
OVERALL: This was an EXPLOSIVELY great book! It had a lot of unique elements and a lot of action, which is great for younger readers, since it keeps you addicted to each page! Great World building and Dystopian to the max. A MUST READ SERIES :D
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Evan lives without the Mark, evading DOME and writing in the shadows of Beacon.
Swipe is his first book. But if anyone asks, you know nothing about it, and you didn't hear anything from him. Don't make eye contact if you see him. Don't call his name out loud. He's in enough trouble already.
And so are you , if you've read his book.
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  1. Oh my goodness I love books like this! Thanks for posting,can't wait to read them plus get my son to read them :)

    1. RIGHT!?! They are hard to find gems. OMG get your son to read it ASAP, they are THAT good :) Thanks for commenting and stopping by! Much <333

  2. I haven't read this series yet but I want to! I think my library has them so I'm going to have to check it out :)
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

    1. YAY! you def should check this series out. A complete surprise read, hope you enjoy it when you do read it!! Thanks for commenting Kimberly, much <3

  3. I have read Swipe and I was in love :)

    1. WOHOOOOOOO! SO uber happy to hear you fell in love with Swipe Becca! Hope you continue the series because it gets even better :D thanks for commenting Becca much <3333!


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