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BLOG TOUR: Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia by Jenny Torres Sanchez [Review + Giveaway]

Publication Date: May 28th 2013
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Pages: 322
Summary from Goodreads (here):
Frenchie Garcia can’t come to grips with the death of Andy Cooper. Her friends didn’t know she had a crush him. And they don’t know she was the last person with him before he committed suicide. But Frenchie’s biggest concern is how she blindly helped him die that night.
Frenchie’s already insane obsession with death and Emily Dickinson won’t help her understand the role she played during Andy’s “one night of adventure.” But when she meets Colin, she may have found the perfect opportunity to recreate that night. While exploring the emotional depth of loss and transition to adulthood, Sanchez’s sharp humor and clever observations bring forth a richly developed voice.
AH! I needed that. Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia *long title* was such an EMOTIONAL, HEART CHURNING, INTENSE, PHILOSOPHICAL, and MOVING book that makes you question and ask about EVERYTHING! I was hooked from the first page which has an Emily Dickinson poem *Emily is my FAVORITE poets* and I really could not put this book down!
This book takes us through Frenchie's life after Andy Cooper. She spent this one amazing night with him *a guy she been crushing on* and then the next day she finds out he died! Killed himself!!! @_@ That would have messed me up too but Frenchie didn't feel like normal people she was strange, different, and a bit on the morose, demented *crazy*, intense side; which made her feel A LOT more than just grief. She was such an interesting person to get to read about. She likes to spend her time talking to her *imaginary* dead person Emily Dickinson *not the famous one, another one :P* Frenchie doesn't understand WHY Andy took her on that ride that night or why he killed himself the day after.
So she goes on this quest one night with a guy she just met, Collin. I honestly LOVED Collin, if he was any other guy he might not have cared but he was different and as he said, "I don't mind strange things" so he stuck with Frenchie on HER night to recreate everything. As we go through that night and the night four months past, we get to see that sometimes life can be just life but then what is life really? right. Well theres TONS of philosophical conversations like that between Frenchie & Collin. There were also SO many parts were i was reading and was literally like this:
Is there a sub-plot? YES. You see Frenchie is depresses, she just doesn't see it. And I've lost someone just like Frenchie did and i understood what it was like to get that lost in your grief that nothing in this world feels the same. And you start to question, to thirst for the truth and sometimes the truth is that you won't really know the whole of it. We just have to deal. That's what Frenchie does and even though she kinda loses her Best friends for a bit she ultimately comes back and apologize's *even though I agree that Joel was kinda ignoring her & being jerkish*.
I think that going over that night, especially with Collin, helped her to finally come to terms with that night and finally get closure. I loved the ending! Especially when she goes to Andy's grave and buries him with the letter she wrote him. And especially cried when she read this:
"And I'm sorry if I missed something that you were trying to tell me. But I can't keep going back to that night, because I'm in today. And I hope that tomorrow I'll be in tomorrow, because it does exist Andy, It does." -Frenchie, page 282
Honestly I feel like Frenchie was stuck in a really bad place but after everything she comes out okay. She's learned many things and can now move on with life. She doesn't think in the negative *much* but tries to think better of life. I feel like she's lighter, happier at the end. She's still not certain about her future but she has Collin *whom is Sweet to hell* and she's in a good place. And that's all I could have wanted from Frenchie to have, happiness :)
OVERALL THOUGHTS: I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK! It was such an intense book about loss and the search for the truth; with a little bit of romance thrown in ;D There's so many great quotes on life, love, and loss. I could NOT put it down. It's a MUST READ for those quiet summer night. I especially recommend it to readers who love intense books that will wretch your heart & EMOTIONS & filled with great thought provoking characters! I will so be looking at Jenny's other books!


Jenny Torres Sanchez lives in Florida with her husband and children where she currently writes full time.
Before her debut novel The Downside of Being Charlie she taught high school for several years, where she credits her eclectic students for inspiring her to write young adult novels.
Find and Follow her on: Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Website

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