Saturday, June 29, 2013

KPOP Saturday [2]: Loving EXO'S return :D

Hey EVERYONE! So if u hadn't noticed *the obvious* blog changes, then u might have missed this EPIC GIVEAWAY that comes with the expantion of Read-A-holicZ. So now we have a SCHEDULE *woah, it's a sign of the apocalypse* & on saturday's it's KPop <3 post or KDrama Review. Just either one of those.
So here *as the feature banner says* we're sharing our KPOP <3 through fun & interesting posts. DON'T HEAR KPop? Don't LEAVE! THIS IS GOING TO MAKE U LOL, AND CRY WITH FUNNY! Every saturday we're going to pick a KPop band that we've been hearing recently or loved for some time. So...
So if you hadn't know EXO has COMEBACK since they were MIA for almost a year. Since there are 2 groups EXO-M & EXO-K (M=Chinesse, K=Korean) My sister *as always* found a GREAT combo video of BOTH the CHINESE AND & KOREAN versions of "WOLF"...JUST WATCH!
I HAVE THE NEED TO *OooW* turn into a wolf :P LOVED the dance and the song! Great comeback EXO!

So I'm fairly new to EXO-kinda but I forgot about them for awhile O.O *shameful,right!?* but I LOVE TAO from EXO-M. He tiz my bias in this band though he does look depressed all the time and sleepy, I STILL LOVE HIM :3
Melissa: wait why are we doing EXO-M gifs?
Lisseth:BECAUSE...I like EXO-M a little more than EXO-K
Melissa: you like one more than the other? O.O
Lisseth: well i LOVE them both equally, i just think the guys on EXO-M are a teeny bit HOTTER ;)
Melissa: *stares with jaw dropped* well...i like EXO-K more XP *no more comment* now onto gifs

Lisseth: Since I'm not a mean big sis, here is a gif of Melissa's bis, LUHAN :D



  1. This post has totally made my day! I'm a huge EXO fan (I'm also EXO-M/Tao biased hehe) so I had to check it out when the link was shared with me.

    Anyways, I'm loving the "Wolf" comeback! The choreography is awesome and the boys look good~ Although...I do miss Kris and Chanyeol's long hair lol

    1. OMG YAYAYA EXO-M/TAO BIASED LOVE! Right?! The choreography is rocking and i agree the boys are good to look at ;) *sigh* so do i. Thanks for stopping by & sharing in the KPOP love Elizabeth! MUCH BLOGGY <3 & HUGS!

  2. I finally meet someone else who knows K-POP! I don't listen to it a lot but I do enjoy K-Pop once in a while. On a side not, my friend loves these guys! I think that's partly the reason how i know them. Have you heard of the band SHINee? Me and my friend that is our bias band. <3 But these guys are awesome too! Their dancing. * ^ * I always get jealous because I never will be able to dance like the people in K-Pop mv.

    1. :D Hey Delaney! I know OF shinee, my sister hears more KPop then me *although I introduced her to it -_-* and she LOVES them! She LOVES a lot of KPop bands but we both have favorite bands too ;) and RIGHT?! There dancing is killer and same here I wish i COULD move like that but *sigh* someday...maybe... :P Thanks for stopping by fellow KPop lover! Much bloggy <3 & HUGS!

  3. Tao is so precious lol he is a human panda <3.

    Their comeback was so long awaited and amazing. And to boot the whole album is just so awesome. ;_____; They have such beautiful voices but I still always get shocked when I hear Chanyeol talk or sing! I can't believe that voice comes out of that body.

    1. OMG TAO IS A PANDA, hes pretty epic with kun-fu *probably wrote it wrong* and yeah there comeback was awesome and I love all there other songs too :) and Lol yeah I'm pretty shocked about his voice too :D thanks for stopping by Gi-Gi much bloggy <3 and Hugs!


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