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Hey everyone welcome back to day 3 of my blog-o-versary!! Day 1's giveaway is closed and a winner will be picked sunday BUT if you missed it there is still Day 2's giveaway that closes tonight at 12am! Now onto the post *READ IT ALL*

Today is a super special day because I get to finally introduce something i've been working on for a while now and is so close to my heart. You all know I LOVE k-pop and put k-pop related gifs in almost every post. You also know I love to meddle in design and not until recently did I think I could find a career in it. So I wanted to mix the two and I did a K-POP SATURDAY meme here on the blog with my sister for a while but we wanted to talk more about other Korean related things but I didn't want the blog to get too clogged. So I kept myself awake thinking of ways to create something K related and ended up with a CRAZY IDEA. A KOREAN CULTURE RELATED MAGAZINE. IN ENGLISH.

I know there aren't many k-culture magazines in english *i've looked* so why not make one? right. It sounds pretty simple but a lot goes into it making a magazine. Now how on earth did I come to the magazine conclusions? Honestly I started designing magazines for my cousin who LOVES G-Dragon so I made her this:

I already had the name "THE ODDESS" picked way before for my youtube channel and decided why not put it on the mock cover. Because I like being odd and I also made her stickers so I was "including" them in this edition. I LOVED THIS! SO then I got thinking why not make a REAL ONE. So I made these next 2, the mock cover and ad:

Yup I made an AD *took forever* Now why did I pick this topic for today? BECAUSE I need HELP! I know a lot of my followers love k-pop and always comment on here. So I'm looking for writers, you don't have to have experience just a LOT of love and passion for the korean culture. So if you love k-pop, k-dramas, k-movies, k-entertainment, or just Korea in general; THEN I NEED YOU! If you want to join THE ODDESS then leave your email in the comments below and tell me the area you want to do for the magazine. [ex. lizzy9rule(at)gmail(dot)com - K-POP] I'll be emailing you soon.

Also if you just want to support *beleive me I need it*, then you could follow THE ODDESS in these places: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE | SOUNDCLOUD

Now for those who don't know k-pop and come here for the bookish posts don't worry. I have a giveaway for today for everybody since you read the whole thing *I hope*. So just like the other days just answer any of the questions below and you'll be entered to win 2 SIGNED YA BOOKS! The giveaway is open internationally and ends MONDAY at 12am! Now the questions:

1. Do you like the covers? think they're attracting? Would you pick one up, if you say it?
2. Do you think a korean culture magazine or a ya book magazine could work?
3. *optional* Did you follow THE ODDESS through facebook, twitter, or on youtube? Just say where =)

That's it!! Love you all for coming by and reading about this new journey I'm going to make. Believe me I was terrified of writing this post because I'm afraid of the unknown but I'm glad to be sharing this with you all. So until tomorrow, BYE!! WITH MUCH LOVE AND HUGS ALWAYS - Lisseth ^3^


  1. 2- I think it's amazing trying to write a YA magazine. I feel like we really need one to know what hot new releases are there and it should contain reviews and giveaways and adds for books
    Amazing thought!

  2. 1. Do you like the covers? think they're attracting? Would you pick one up, if you say it?
    Yup, really love the covers! Although there's a little bit too much white in my opinion (not a critisism). Also, I kinda think the font for the subtext, ie; 'An indepth look at...' ect might work a little better in something more simple, like Veranda of Tahoma. I just kinda think that it's a little overbearing with both fonts. They're definitely eye catching, and I'd most probably pick them up if I could afford too! :D

    3. *optional* Did you follow THE ODDESS through facebook, twitter, or on youtube? Just say where =)
    Followed via Twitter and liked via Facebook! :D

    I think it's a really fantastic idea - and I'm supporting you fully! I don't think I'd be able to participate though, mainly because, although I love some K-music, (me heart Big Bang!), I prefer the Japanese culture and such. :) Good luck with this, and thanks for the three awesome giveaways! :D

    1. Gosh darn it, I forgot my email, again!

  3. 1. The covers are definitely attention grabbing, and I think they were nicely done.I don't know if I would pick one up because usually I don't read magazines, but who knows?

    2. A YA book magazine would probably work and I think a lot of readers would be interested in it. I also think that a Korean Culture magazine would be interesting.

    3. I haven't yet (well I don't think I have lol), but I will definitely be following you on twitter and youtube.

  4. The covers are perfect for that kind of magazine i think, i would probably have picked the second one more easily than the first.

    i do think it could work and i will share this page because while i'm more "japan" than korean i know several person who are great fan and could be interested. it's something that isn't common so definitively a good idea

    now3° i don't have facebook or twitter or the other so i can't follow oddess but i wish you a lot of success


  5. I love the cover you made! I don't really know much about K-Pop but if I saw a YA Book magazine I would be all of that!!

  6. 1. I think the first cover is better. Not as cluttered as the second one.

    2. YA book magazine YES! I'm sure there are already K-Pop mags.


  7. 1. I love them, I honestly can't believe they're not already real! I'd definitely notice them on a display.
    2. Totally. I think there's a fairly big audience for both.
    3. I followed through Facebook, because I know nothing about k-culture and supporting with a like is the least I can do :)


  8. Those covers are insanely good, good job! It's an excellent idea I think, especially making a YA book magazine. There could be information on what book releases are out soon, author interviews etc and I know I'd definitely buy it! I'm supporting The Oddess on FB, hope it kicks off for you. :)

  9. 1. They are really good they honestly look legit! AMAZING work, love it! I would totally pick it up.
    2. Seriously, if a YA book magazine was made I'd subscribe to it as soon as the first mag comes out!!!
    3. I have followed The ODDESS on Youtube!!!!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and especially for making it international.


  10. 1. think they're cool; would pick them up
    2. yes

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  11. Okay so i know nothing about k-pop or k-drama. But i do find the covers pretty.
    I think a YA book magazine sounds like the greatest idea ever.

    Followed on twitter @jlkalman26
    jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

  12. I like the colors used.
    I follow via FB: tayte

  13. I love the covers. I would so pick them up. I follow on youtube and facebook.

  14. 1. Love the covers. ;)
    2. Both could work, although I think YA would be more popular.
    3. I follow on twitter with @Cali_for_ya

  15. 1- I think the covers are great! I would definitely pick the first one.
    2- I'm voting for the YA magazine
    3- I follow on Facebook as Cricket Purists.

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!
    blackcapballistics AT gmail DOT com

  16. 1. Do you like the covers? think they're attracting? Would you pick one up, if you saw it?
    I would probably choose the G-Dragon cover. The other cover is a bit too crowded with all the text.

    2. Do you think a korean culture magazine or a ya book magazine could work?
    I think either could work, as long as the staff is devoted to making it work.
    I would love to see one that talked about both subjects. That would be unique.

    3. *optional* Did you follow THE ODDESS through facebook, twitter, or on youtube? Just say where =)
    I just went and followed all of those. My name is Holly Letson, so that should show up. My Twitter is @KinomiyaMichiru.

    Good luck with your magazine and musical endeavors.

    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

  17. 1. The covers are gorgeous. I would definitely pick one up just based on my curiosity of the cover
    2. I think both ideas would work. I would personally be more interested in a ya book magazine. I've never seen one around and I think it is such a great idea
    3. I followed through FB & Youtube. Name is Shamara Catama

  18. 2. I'm not sure if you're meaning an online magazine or print copies, but I totally think there is a market for both. I think there is totally an audience for a Korea-theme magazine. I know I would read it! ^^

    I would love to learn more information about your magazine idea. I think that I just might be interested in write reviews on Korean dramas and/or movies… ^^ Looking forward to more details!


    1. HA! I just glanced over my comment. Can't you see how "totally" excited I am about this idea? ^^

  19. I love the covers! They are gorgeous...simple but very appealing! I love the white background paired with the colours you used...I would totally pick one up if I saw it around!
    I'd love to read a Korean culture magazine! I've always been interested in Korean culture but have never had a means to get really into it so I think a magazine would be a great idea! I mean I can't say for sure if it would work or not but speaking for myself I would definitely be interested!
    I wish you the best of luck with your magazine endeavours!

  20. Yes, I like the covers. I watch tons of their movies and tv shows, now I'm interesting in giving their music a try. Thanks.

  21. 1. Do you like the covers? think they're attracting? Would you pick one up, if you say it?

    Yes, I love them. Especially the title typography, I'm a sucker for those. Yes, I would pick it.

    2. Do you think a korean culture magazine or a ya book magazine could work?

    I think it's genius. The Kpop industry doesn't cater too much to its international audience despite having a big one. I know I would love to be able to read things in english.



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