Friday, October 2, 2015


YUP. I am feeling the shame...of neglecting this blog. I took a bit of time off back in July and honestly I thought I would read a bit and come back rejuvenated far this break has left me a bit empty. I am not reading as i used to and on top of things I have been getting sucker punched by life. School....*shiver* I've tried to brave things out but I was honestly considering dropping the "I QUIT" post, that bloggers tend to post after MONTHS in a cell of no inspiration for content.

Recently I have taken up bookstagram and want to try Booktube. I LOVE BOOKS. It's just the reading component is missing at the moment. I also wonder how many people care what I think, or look at what i post. I spend HOURS coding this place and every post takes me forever. I am a perfectionist, nothing can go wrong in a post, even a comma in the wrong place creates havoc in my world.

I don't know when i'll be inspired again but I want to keep this blog, with this name. I considered changing the name too, to match my youtube and instagram accounts but decided I have to much history with this name and i would never change it for the world.

On more happier tone, I have started my own monthly book Subscription Service called, LOVINGLY BOOKISH! I will have more info about that in a future post (I am scheduling posts! Which i never do, YAY!) solely about that story with a few giveaways too!

Thank you for not leaving me and always being here for me, thank you, love you, stay bookish, and i will write to you soon!



  1. Seems to be pretty common in the book blogging world :)

    1. Yeah, it gets pretty tiresome if you overwork and pile up the blog tours, review books, and memes >.< Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jodie, much <3

  2. I feel you! Life gets sometimes in the way of book blogging, but if you don't want to leave this little world behind, then just publish when you can. It's your space, talk what you want and readers will come your way. Good luck with your new subscription service!

    1. RIGHT! I realized that i can do what I want with this place, its my little home on the internet. I'm going to be posting when i can and thank you, I just started the service 3 months ago :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting Melissa, much <33


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