Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[What's New Wednesday]:Wither Edition

Whats New:
>Catch Wither Fever over at & win awesome prizes!
>Facebook Banner contest from Author Lauren Destefano
head over to www.laurendestefano.comfor more info & you could win CRAZY SWAG! here's mine:
Small enough so you can get an idea, but it's up to you to create an original piece.I worked on it for like three hours(legit) & decided to only use pics & quotes since it's just a banner.
The Prizes
* A hardcover of FEVER and a paperback of WITHER.
* THE HUNGER GAMES edition of People, which features a super spiff ad for Wither and Fever. I forget what page it’s on, but there’s a ton of Peeta all around it, so it probably smells like bread and epic winning.
* The latest UK version of WITHER, which features a soft cover and a short story from Rose’s perspective, which was previously only available as an eBook.
* A WITHER bookmark, which can only be found in the Indonesian version.
>Don't forget to read Fever, the sequel to Wither
*The Book trailer:
MY Review of Wither on Reviews page...


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the info on the Catch Wither Fever event! And we're so happy you're participating! I'm now following you, BTW! ;)

  2. Your welcome!and thanx for the follow!

  3. I like your banner -- good luck!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


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