Saturday, August 11, 2012

ARC Review: The Enchanted Truth by Kym Petrie

PUB Date: September 18th 2012
By: Greenleaf Book Group
Pages: 40
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Challenge: Ultimate Reviewers (August)
Summary: [Goodreads/Amazon]
In this humorous and insightful tale, a modern day princess finds herself single and asking for magical intervention to change her sorry love life. Rather than casting a spell to bring Prince Charming to her rescue, a savvy fairy godmother gives the tenderhearted damsel an unexpected gift.
By entrusting her true thoughts and desires to an unlikely confidant, the young royal soon discovers that the person who could make her life everything she dreamed it would be has been with her all along.
As author Kym Petrie herself realized, every woman needs a froggy friend and a secret journal—and enough adventures with the girls to keep her heart pounding and her mind racing. Life is meant to be about happy beginnings . . . you can never have enough of them.
My thoughts (Lisseth):
"This was such a fast, and interesting read; completely NOT what I expected.
Okay so this was a really short read @ 40 pages PLUS it was a free read on Netgalley. SO i couldn't pass it off. I expected a fairy tale going into this, a very very short one, with some type of prince charming. BUT NOPE! It shattered my expectations.
This is more of an empowerment read for single young ladies. Which I really liked. I liked that the author made you think that maybe the godmother gave "the princess" (they have no actual names), the stuffed frog because it was gonna turn into a prince? BUT NO.
It's more of a tool to get the Princess to realize that she was her own prince charming all along. Which i found deep because I guess were all caught up in believeing our prince charming will come for us one day & thats when we meet the NOT SO CHARMING princes in our lives. SO we HAVE to learn & take charge to make our own lives happy without a prince charming!
Overall I liked the message it sent & that it was really short. I enjoyed it and would highly recommend you give it a go if you like short,quick, books that empower young women! I wish it had been a bit more developed but hey, its ONLY 40 pages! SO 3.75/5!
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  1. ...Not really my kind of book LOL. :P And I'm too stuck in books anyways. XP XP XP I like fluffy short stories and long meaningful ones. Not switched. :P I'm weird I know

    1. LOL, not weird at all! I'm like that too :)

  2. I rarely read short stories because the ones that I have tried have been really hard to connect with. But this one sounds cute, and like one that I might enjoy. Thank you for your review!

    1. Yeah I'm the same too. I wanna connect with my short stories too. Hope you read it & enjoy it Jaime, much <3!


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