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Blog Tour: Blood Of Anteros (The Vampire Agápe #1) by Georgia Cates [Review & GIVEAWAY!]

Published: September 21st 2011
By: Georgia Cates
Source: blog tour
Challenge: Ultimate reviewers (August)
Summary: [Goodreads]
Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed.
Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire.
He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.
My thoughts (Karina):
This book was a bit confusing. I’m not sure what made it confusing though. It is a good book and you definitely have to read the second one after reading the first.
Cury (is a weird name) is amazing, he’s a gentleman and protective. The only thing that confused me about his personality is that he spoke so properly but then almost out of nowhere he speaks modernly and I lose the picture in my head following the book. Chansey is your classic southern belle , every guys dream. She’s a little vixen when she thinks she won’t get her way.
The love between Cury and Chansey is sickly sweet. Cury is a bit of a wimp, because he feels undeserving of his agape. Sebastion has a bit of a wiser more respectful vibe about him. Sol although I believe he’s older than Cury is much more modern. The plot makes you crave more it is very well written.
I do love the legend and how greek mythology ties into this story. The vampires aren’t shiny and they understand that they are capable of being vicious monsters. This makes the book all the more realistic. I love getting a peak through the bad guys eyes.
Marsala is portrayed as a monster, but maybe she’s all heart broken over an unrequited love. (I think she’s a desperate jerk) I can’t wait to know what happens if she catches Cury with Marsala, especially after the important question Cury asked Chansey.
I give it a 4.5/5 feathers. I debated this for a while, so close to being a 5 but the whole Cury being modern yet old school threw me off a little bit.
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  1. Thanks for the review! I get really confused too so I'm a little wary about this book but it still sounds really great and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I adore the cover of this book. It looks historical, but I guess it's not? hmm... On the name Cury, I actually know somebody with that name, and I agree it is a weird name, but unique. :) I am really wanting to read this book now. Great review!

  3. Although not a fan of sickly sweet romances, this book sounds interesting. And I have heard a lot of good about it. I may have to try this out for myself!

  4. Cury is a weird name I must agree. Lovely Cover this book has.


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