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Blog Tour: The Dark Proposal by Megan Cashman [Review]

PUB Date: September 14th 2012
By: Self (Author)
Pages: 201
Source: Dark minds book tours
Summary: [Goodreads/AMAZON]
Girls, if you had the perfect boyfriend who suddenly reveals he's a vampire, and also wants to make you one or else...what would you do?
That is the dilemma college graduate Claire McCormick faces. Her life is brightened up by Daniel Bertrand in a whirlwind romance, who only to turns out to be a bloodthirsty vampire. He also won't take no for an answer when he proposes for Claire to join him for eternity. She faces becoming evil herself or have evil done to her and her loved ones.
The Dark Proposal explores Claire's nightmare and fears while she makes her decision. Along the way, she learns why exactly Daniel wants her to be vampire.
The Dark Proposal will be the first book in a trilogy that follows what becomes of Claire and the vampires.
My Thought's (Lisseth):
Okay when I signed up for this tour I did NOT know what I was getting myself into. I thought this was a YA/ New Adult YA book, boy was I wrong! It was a more adult book that was both chilling yet addicting. I still don't know how to feel about it because it baffled me while reading it.
The story starts out simple enough a college grad living with her friends and trying to make ends meet and then pop in Daniel. GOD how i wished she hadn't met him at all! Claire was strong minded but odd & that singled her out from her friends. Which ultimately brings Daniel into her life.
During the whole novel we see Claire in a number of situations that no human being should see or endure. I got really emotional because I could feel her anguish & despair. I wanted for her to get help, to be free from Daniel BUT AH it doesn't!!
This book was strong with the emotional details and held me captive while reading it. The only flaw was that at times the writing felt rushed, like it was telling you what happened not showing you. It was like a whole time lapse would occur but you only read it in minimal detail.
I will give a HUGE credit to the author on how she brought about the Vampire origins in the book. I thought that creating these vile & soulless creatures was good because it gave us a different theory as to how they came to be. It is like a HUGE story that u MUST READ.
Overall, Yes, I was help captive by the story & had my emotions pulled but it wasn't what I was expecting. It is DEFINETELY for ADULTS and would recommend you to read it & see what I mean when I say i had *CHILLS* & was a crying wreck with Claire. I really liked it & will be reading the next in the series. SO i give this book 4/5 GOLDEN FEATHERS!!
About The Author:
Former freelance journalist Megan Cashman is getting ready to publish her first book in September 2012. The Dark Proposal will be released as an E-book on Kindle. Megan has worked for cable news stations, both local and national, and has a master's degree in journalism under her belt.
Born and raised on Staten Island, New York's forgotten borough, Megan always had a love of reading and writing. Her favorite authors are Paulo Coelho, Anne Rice, Khaled Hosseini, and Sarah Dunant. She enjoys books that take her to a different world and/or see her world differently. She hopes to do the same for her future readers.
As for other things, Megan likes to hit the beach in the summer, rollerblade, do yoga and cook. She loves to blast her iTunes with all her songs. Her favorite acts are U2, Enigma, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Sarah McLachlan and many more - she even likes Celtic and New Age music! Her favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. She tunes in to watch Once Upon A Time, Girls, Game of Thrones and True Blood.
Twitter: @MeganCashman
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  1. Thank you for your review, Lisseth! I'm glad you liked my book and I will try not have my writing seem so rushed next time.

    Thank you for hosting this part of my blog tour! I really appreciate it!

  2. umm WOW, this sounds really intense. I have to admit though it was the cover that made me want to read it first. LOL Then it was when it said she learns why Daniel wants her to become a vampire. It sounds real interesting. Can't wait to find out for myself.


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