Monday, October 8, 2012

What's coming up this week? HOT SEAT & GIVEAWAY!!

Yup you read this right. I finally got everything for the HOT SEAT organized! We have some really AWESOME Authors and BLOGGERS!!!
Beleive me you WILL NOT WANT to miss this!!! =D
We Start Monday with a FUN interview with LILI PELOQUIN, author of THE INNOCENTS! And just to remind you that all throughout this event there will be a FEW GIVEAWAYS!!
I created ANOTHER blog. This one dedicated to MUSIC VIDEO REVIEWS. O_O I'm not doing it alone; my sister is gonna be helping me out over on that blog. It's called, K to A Music, and if you want to check it out & follow us click the Button below!! =D
As I was saying, there will be giveaways along throughout this month!!! Pretty much like the comment contest I held in SEPTEMBER. This month who ever leaves the MOST MEANINGFUL COMMENTS WINS a MYSTERY BOOK with SWAG!!! I felt that I needed to celebrate this month on the blog & I hope you are just as excited as me!!
Don't forget LILI will be here later in the day [as an UNDEAD VAMPIRE]!!! =D
What do you think? LEAVE A Comment & u could win the DIVINERS!-Comment Contest.


  1. Where have I been?! I knew nothing about this being planned, but I'm super excited for it!

    Intrigued as to who you're going to have in the 'hot seat' as it were.

    Is this happening all October?

    Tyler x

    1. LOL. yeah if you could help spread the word about it, it would be VERY MUCH appreciated! AND YES it's ALL OF OCTOBER!!

  2. This was a wonderful thread really enjoyed the information !…

  3. Notice how October has the really awesome events? XD

    The GIFS!! :D They always livey-up blogs. Live up? Living? Brighten? I'm sure you get the point.

    I'll definitely go check out your music video reviews. You're open to any genre and song as long as they have a music video? Oooh, do you take requests?

    1. LOL, yeah GIFS are becoming my friends! AND YES we are open to Music video requests!! So email or leave a comment! ^_^


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