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REVIEW: Born of Silence (The League #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

PUB DATE: May 1st 2012
By: Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 436
Source: BOUGHT!
Summary: [Goodreads / Amazon]
Death stalks the night…
Kere, the Caronese god of death, is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization called Sentella. As an explosives engineer who is known for striking terror into the hearts of all enemies and the League, the bounty on his head is truly staggering. No one outside the Sentella knows his real identity.
Zarya Starska grew up hard on the back streets of hell. Because of his political beliefs, her father was labeled a traitor and her family hunted to the brink of extinction. But Zarya dreams of a different life and a different world. A world where the harsh hand of the Caronese government doesn’t destroy the lives of its citizens. As a resistance leader, her goal is to topple to government that took her father’s life. Her right hand is a mysterious man known only as Kere. By the light of day…
Kere has a dark secret. As he aids the resistance, he’s actually working to bring down his own family- the Cruels. Born and bred from one of the oldest and noblest families in the United Systems, Kere’s real name is Darling Cruel. And the one thing he wants most is to see his uncle, who stole the crown from his father, to pay for his crimes.
If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth…
Darling’s entire life is a lie. No one has ever seen the real him. No one except Zarya. She’s the only person he’s ever fully trusted with the truth. But when she betrays him by allowing a weapon he designed just for her to be used against the members of his family that he would die to protect, all bets are off.
The hero is now the monster…
Betrayed to the deepest level, Darling becomes an even worse enemy than his uncle. His goal is not only to reign, but to kill every resistance member he can find. He won’t rest until all of them are dead and that includes Zarya.
My Thought's (Lisseth):
"This book was...UTTER PERFECTION! It had all the pain, love, and danger Kenyon keeps on bringing! LOVED IT!" =D
YES! *air punch* Darling had his book! I was SO EAGERLY waiting on this book and just had to buy it!! At the beginning i was a little hesitant to read the book. Because it was SUCH A DIFFERENT beginning than what Kenyon normal does.
Then as the story continued I saw that the beginning held a lot the puzzles to Darling's secrets and essential in the grand scheme of things. I LOVED reading through Darling & Zarya's POV. Which is one of Kenyon's amazing talents and she makes her characters believable.
OH GOD, when the torture on Darling happened, I was like, "Zarya...what? AT HIM!" My heart was breaking for the both of them. Literally, i had tears in my eyes. There emotions were raw, and the memories unimaginable! THE HORROR! >_<
Besides all the doom & gloom there are really sweet and yes, HILARIOUS moments in the book. Maris always manages to make me laugh and I'm SUPER GLAD his story was partially told [cuz the next League book is his!!!] I also LOVED that we got to look at the MC's past and see all the hurt and got a FULL understanding of the story.
AH! With Kenyon there isn't just ONE climatic event but many! I loved how it was Zarya who had to go through a hell not as bad as Darling's but close, so she could understand his utter horror. BUT AH! Kenyon kept me wound up during these parts. I cried, pulled my hair out, and biting my nails to stubs...[me below]
Are there steamy parts? OH GOD YES! Kenyon makes each hot part sweet and powerful. Especially since both MC's had HUGE problems and held secrets. I TRULY LOVED this pair. All there pain was worth it to come out on the the other side together.
The Ending. Sweet and touching. It always manages to work out in the end. All they went through just makes there forever after that much sweeter and REAL! Plus all of our favorite league series characters are in the book!
Overall, I LOVED this book. It was both HOT, SWEET, and filled with action! I can not wait to see what else happens in the LEAGUE and who's forever after comes true!
Favorite Quotes & other COOL stuff:
What I LOVE about Sherrilyn kenyon is that she makes her characters REAL!!! With blog posts, playlists, profiles and pics of them with there families! HERE ARE THE CHARACTERS FROM THE BOOK:
[Darling, Zarya, Annalise(Dar's younger sister), Drakari(Dar's younger brother), Ryn(Dar's Older half-brother), Sorche(Zarya's sister)] -More HERE!
"But the bad thing about anger is that it's not sustainable. Eventually it burns out and the pain swallows it until there s nothing left but a hallow shell."-Darling
"But if wishes were cake, no one would starve"-Maris
"You are my heaven, and you will always be my eternal hell!"-Darling
"The past is history written in stone that can't be altered. The future is transitory and never guaranteed. Today is the only thing you can alter for certain. Make the most of it."-Darling
"Through thick and thin, we're brothers to the bitter end. And if you're going to hell, buddy, I'm driving the bus."-Maris
"But sooner or later, no matter who you are, life uses everyone as its whipping boy."-Darling
Book-Music Connection:
As always i picked this song (Pain by Three days grace) for the lyrics, "PAIN WITHOUT LOVE" Plus Sherrilyn had it on the books plaulist!! ENJOY!! =D
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