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[HOLIDAY] HOT SEAT Interview with...Daphne Benedis-Grab author of THE GIRL in the WALL +GIVEAWAY!

Well Hello there unsuspected blog follower! Welcome to...
This is the SECOND interview of the Holiday HOT SEAT! And with us today is none other than the fabulous Daphne Benedis-Grab! She is the author of THE GIRL IN THE WALL!
As with everyone on the HOT SEAT, I took the liberty to WINTER-FY her!!

1) let's start this easy, what is the most memorable Christmas ornament on your tree?
I get pretty Christmas and Christmas accessory obsessed so there is a lot to choose from, but I’m going to go with the sparkly whale wearing a Santa hat that my sister got me in Bar Harbor. Maine.
[Awww, i SO WANT to see that whale with the Santa Hat! ^_^]
2) What is one of your favorite Christmas movies?
I’m more of a Christmas TV girl- the Grinch, claymation Rudolf and my absolute favorite, The Sesame Street Christmas special from the late seventies. But Love, Actually would get my Christmas movie vote.
[OMG! I LOVE the Grinch and the claymation of Rudolph! =D ]

3) Have you ever dressed as Santa or an elf? [O_O you never know]
I’ve worn a Santa hat on more than one occasion but that’s as far as it’s gone, at least up to now- I could see turning into a spirited old lady who goes Santa for the holidays.
[LOL, i see myself there in the future too...WOAH @_@...^_^]

4) What would be your perfect Christmas present?
This year it would be good reviews for The Girl in the Wall.
[Yeah that would be an awesome present to get as an author ^_^]
5) Does your family come over for Christmas? If so, then has there been any crazy/funny memories from these gatherings?
My mom and my sister and her family usually come over to our apartment. One year a Canadian friend of my brother in law came along and she introduced us to some fun traditions, like wearing gold foil crowns and these noise popper thingies that ended up terrifying the cat. The crowns were fun though- I may decided to make that one a yearly thing.
[:O that DOES sound like a fun tradition! I might have to give it a try ;)]
6) If you could make one unlimited wish, what would you wish for? [ex. world peace, total domination, love, wealth, etc.]
To eradicate hunger - it’s crazy to me that despite all the advances we’ve made there are people all over the world, including just blocks away from me in my own city, who don’t have enough to eat.
[RIGHT?! I feel the same, maybe one day it'll come true. Who knows? =) ]
Well that was it guys! What did I tell you FABULOUS, right?! Thanks Daphne for kindly being on the HOT SEAT today! =D now...
About Daphne's book, THE GIRL IN THE WALL:
Published: December 18th 2012
Published By: Merit Press
Pages: 256
Ariel's birthday weekend looks to be the event of the season, with a private concert by rock star Hudson Winters on the grounds of her family's east coast estate, and all of Ariel's elite prep school friends in attendance.
The only person who's dreading the party is Sera, Ariel's former best friend, whose father is forcing her to go. Sera has been the school pariah since she betrayed Ariel, and she now avoids Ariel and their former friends. Thrown together, Ariel and Sera can agree on one thing: this could be one very long night.
They have no idea just how right they are.
Only moments after the concert begins and the lights go down, thugs open fire on parents and schoolmates alike, in a plot against Ariel's father that quickly spins out of control. As the entire party is taken hostage, the girls are forced apart. Ariel escapes into the hidden tunnels in the family mansion, where she and Sera played as children.
Only Sera, who forges an unlikely alliance with Hudson Winters, knows where her friend could be. As the industrial terrorist plot unravels and the death toll climbs, Ariel and Sera must recall the sisterhood that once sustained them as they try to save themselves and each other on the longest night of their lives.
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  1. Thanks for the fun interview and Merry Christmas everone!

  2. LOVE the idea of a whale Christmas ornament!

    This is a lovely interview:) We got to know the author and her holiday tradition:))

  3. Hunger is the thing that has to go, I agree. She is 100% right that this is something that should be able to be fixed. I like the idea of poppers, but I think that my dogs would go nuts. Great interview. And one of my favorite authors to boot.

  4. The interview was awesome, thanks so much! And the books sounds good too :)

  5. This book sounds awesome! Thanks for the interview and giveaway!


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