Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hey guys you know what day it was today?!?!
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This Christmas has been so weird for me. I have been sick since Christmas Eve. My throat was dry (couldn't talk), my nose running, i was with a fever, I couldn't eat anything!!! (it's Christmas with Tamales >_<)
Anyway, since I was sick I am just posting this and since Eileen didn't want any prezzies, i am making her a Blog Party!!!
Shake it SANTA!
WOAH @_@ Santa's getting out of CONTROL!!
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WOHOO!! That was fun ^_^ Also THANK YOU my LOVELY FOLLOWERS! U gave me the best present of all, Read-A-holicZ Reached 800 GFC Followers!!!!
Thanks for being here! Merry Late X-mas & for FOLLOWING CRAZY ME!!

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  1. Dude Lisseth you crack me up. Those Santas? BAM.
    XX! Inky


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