Friday, December 21, 2012

MY 2013 Debut Author Reading Challenge ^_^

Yes I am ONCE again joining the Debut Author Challenge but this time for 2013!! I reached my goals for 2012 back in the summer (I think O_O); the only thing I NEVER realized was that u linked up said reviews to where the challenge was i NEVER entered the giveaway (darn, newbie blogger mistake) >_<
Now the Lovely Tara at HOBBITSIES is hosting the challenge and now, with a year under my belt, I know how things run ;)
My goal this year is:
24 books...WOAH @_@
Now, to the books:
Gorgeous right?! It sounds like a lot but i already have 18 of them, so I already started some. The others im just gonna borough from the library =P
These reviews will be linked both here & In my Review Archives
WOHOO! Can't wait to read these & review 'em!


  1. Ooh dude I want to read like, all the freaking books on here! I just featured ACID s my wow this week!

    1. Tehe, Acid was my WoW this week too ^_^ and thanks for stopping by Giselle.


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