Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the season for Read-A-holicZ HOT SEAT! + GIVEAWAY!

IT'S CHRISTMAS and you know what time it is?...HOT SEAT HOLIDAY PARTY!
Now, what's the HOT SEAT about?
Well the HOT SEAT is a monthly thing that will be happening here on the blog. Where I interview upcoming or released YA authors and sometimes bloggers.
Oh but this isn't your usual author interview where you ask them "what they thought when they saw there covers". NO! This is MUCH MORE FUN.
Here we interview authors and REALLY get to know them. Their fears, their most embarrassing moments. ANYTHING goes!!
For past HOT SEAT interviews with some AWESOME & FUNNY authors, head on over HERE!

Who's in the HOT SEAT this month?
Well that's a secret, for now. BUT i will tell you that these are SOME ROCKING authors!!! Since I'm so nice, I'll tell you who the first HOT SEAT authors are. There...
These two lovely ladies are coming out with there book:
Tempestuous: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's The Tempest Which comes out the 18th!! =D
The rest of the authors will probably be revealed in the next part of this post, which is...
You may have noticed that there are already SEVERAL giveaways being hosted here on the blog. BUT most are for blog tours & book blitz/promo.
So I'm really only hosting 1 giveaway, which is for my B-DAY. So a giveaway for the HOT SEAT is no problem for me ^_^ Plus some of these books are really GREAT!
I will be giving away :
-1 out of the 5 Books from the authors on this months HOT SEAT
-1 BLOG MAKEOVER! I know I'm not that AWESOME a blog designer but I've done quite a few now ;) [see Blog makeovers HERE] Plus it's FREE! [also must have a minimum of 50 followers]
-2 YA EBook's which I have read and LOVED x 100! Will be INTERNATIONAL!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Enter Below & SPREAD the word!

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