Thursday, December 13, 2012

TITLE REVEAL + GIVEAWAY! = The Collector 2 by Victoria Scott

OMG! Today we have the pleasure of UNCOVERING the Title to THE COLLECTOR 2 by Victoria Scott! If you haven't heard of this book or this author then, HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK!?!
Seriously though, she is the sweetest and most hilarious author I have had the pleasure of interviewing and tweeting! =) [to see my HOT SEAT interview with Victoria click HERE]
Now back to the title reveal. Well I'll let the master tell you, VICTORIA HERSELF!
A Message from Victoria:
EVERYTHING YOU HEARD was correct. The title to THE COLLECTOR #2 is...
PLUS THE LIBERATOR comes out 5 months after THE COLLECTOR...@_@ EPIC, and GREAT since I can't wait for EITHER to come out!
Learn more about Dante & ADD him to your shelf:
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COME ON PEOPLE!?! Get Excited and enter! Also like the title?

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