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What's New Wednesday [9] : After Christmas it all ENDS!? + GIVEAWAYS + Countdowns + MY SECRET BOOK O_O

What's New Wednesday is a meme I started way back in February but I stopped doing after a while. Now it's back. With random news from movies, the blog, life, or books!
YES, it's after X-Mas & it all ENDS!?!
LOL, no the world hasn't ended like the Mayan's said & look WE HAD A CHRISTMAS this year YAY! So, yes there was an X-mas Party on the blog. [GO & PARTY HERE!] ALSO MERRY LATE X-MAS!! =D

Blog / Book Design
Made another book cover this week! This is for Hannah's NaNoWriMo book, CATASTROPHE!
Fiona is a witch. A bit scatter-brained, but a good one. The sad thing is, she's never had a chance to prove it, Humans don't like the interaction with Unnaturals-creatures from legend and lore that really exist-and have driven them into Reserves to contain them and their power.
Fiona has never seen the world outside the concrete walls of the UCR, other than new fads and gadgets that trickle in a few dacades too late. But as the 100th anniversary for the Reserves (if that's anything you celebrate) draws near, things start happening. Unnaturals are being attacked and killed. Some even go ballistic and their powers turn on the mortals. With the threats growing larger, the Unnaturals need to act.
And that's how Fiona finds herself in a 21st century high-school in...jeans. With a team of fellow Unnaturals, their goal is to find out what is going on, because Fiona, her find and the lives of every human are at stake.
This book sounds SO AWESOME, believe me I've read parts of it & I LOVED it (not biased opinion) You can read an AWESOME EXCERPT of the book here!
This is also Hannah's second cover for the book. She wasn't as pleased with the 1st one i made & i LOVE the new one better too! [Old cover below]

In other news...
YES i am writing an ACTUAL BOOK! Like everything is planned out & I WILL WRITE THIS, even if i have to kill some nights & get bags under my eyes @_@ *Determination*
And finally it has a tentative cover & an OFFICIAL SUMMARY (made by the awesome Hannah!) sorry it's a tad long!
The year is 2087, seventy-five years after the apocalypse that nearly destroyed humanity. Saved by the arrival of the Seraphim, heavenly creatures with unspeakable powers, the mortals and their world is saved. Barely.
Seventy-five years after the Dark Days. The time before the Seraphim came to reign and guard the people. To protect them for the worldly danger. They claim to be there for "preventative measures", so that humans don't cause the catastrophe to repeat itself.
The Seraphim take control & with it goes Freedom, Justice, and humanity is enslaved.
For Lilaz, a seventeen year old girl living in the great city of Decaro, something is missing. It doesn't add up. The Seraphim may be great beings of power, they control them all but they could be hiding something.
And when her dead sister suddenly appears in her life again, Lilaz starts to seriously question everything she's been told. Because she's sure the Seraphim are keeping secrets and lies that could change the way her world has been rebuilt. And she'll find out what they are, not matter the cost. Even if she has to lose herself...
What do u think? Interesting? It's a dystopian/ Sci-fi/ Paranormal book. That might have some steampunk...idk yet, it was a steampunk originally but i have no idea how to write, no. Not this book. Also cuz i'm so nice, here is a tiny teaser ;)
In the Before
I am not filth. I will be somebody someday.” That’s all that keeps me living in this hell. I wasn’t born knowing what I was, or what life would throw my way. Life is never perfect and mine sure wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t even okay, it was pure torture.
Every day I wake thinking, “Is this my last one? Why am I awake? Please just for once let me die!
Every day is its own horror story.
I am not perfect. For that alone I am unwanted. In my world anything less than perfection is seen as trash, filth, garbage, something to be disposed of; and at that point in my life I truly believed it. I agreed with every lie that was fed to me. I so truly believed in them that I did horrible things and hurt those close to me. For that I will never forgive myself.
You see, humans almost caused the near apocalypse of the world once. The only thing that stopped it were them; the angels. They saved humankind; though many humans had already been lost. Many expected the angels to return to Heaven but instead they stayed, hundreds of them. They were “superior beings” as they often said. They said that they would reform this world; “a heaven on earth” sort of thing. People were still terrified of themselves and the destruction they could cause again. They let fear take over and let someone else take control of the world. That was there first mistake; giving up power.
Oh but they thought life would be simply. Ha, they were only kidding themselves. These angels, they weren’t the ones my mother’s, mother’s, mother passed down to her children. Those beings were kind, benign, pure, selfless, and on the side of justice. These angels were completely the opposite. NO. They were greedy, almighty, and only believed in their own justice.
No these aren’t the ones I grew up learning about. These lied and made themselves kings...

Countdowns! Just grab 'em =D
This is the countdown until it hits the USA!!
These are my WoW picks for this week! Come on over & Check out why Im waiting for them over HERE! Thanks =D
These are some ROCKING giveaways. First up is a giveaway on my Bloggy Friend Nikki's blog. There are 4 winners & TONS of books are being given away! What the winners will get:
Winner 1) 2 books from the S&S pack, first choice
Winner 2) 2 books from the S&S pack, second choice
Winner 3) A hardback of THE INNOCENTS and a mystery YA book
Winner 4) an ARC copy of EVERY DAY and 2 secret fairytale retellings!
The S&S pack consists of the books in the picture below:
Wanna ENTER this giveaway, click the button I made below! AND help her reach 800 GFC followers before the year ENDS!! Come on 12 more isn't too hard to get, right!?! ;D
Another great INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY is taking place over @ ILoveTeenBooks (one of my favorite blogs. Y? 2 guys who love to read & BLOG!) Plus they have the BEST gifs!! ^_^ Enter NOW! Just click the button below!
Also VERY IMPORTANT! My B-day giveaway DID NOT END THE 17th. That was a typo on the entry format on Rafflecopter.
The GIVEAWAY ENDS THE 27th!!! So go click the button & ENTER NOW =D
That's it for this edition! Enjoy & COMMENT!

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