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COVER REVEAL = Bewitched (The Thaumaturgy #1) by Mark Jay Harris + A Long Excerpt + GIVEAWAY :)

TODAY we are doing another cover reveal!! YAY! Thanks to Inkspell Publishing for letting us host the reveal for Bewitched (The Thaumaturgy #1) by Mark Jay Harris (Young Adult) It will come out: 1st March, 2013.
Bewitched (The Thaumaturgy #1) by Mark Jay Harris
PUB DATE: March 1st 2013
Published by: Inkspell Publishing
Series: The Thaumaturgy #1
Is it love or is it witchcraft? He’ll never find out if he kills her first.
The first time Darren saw Samantha, she was floating above his high school gymnasium during a basketball game, invisible to everyone but him. Next time he sees her, she's sitting in front of him in class, wowing his friends and causing unexplainable things to happen that only he seems to notice.
But things really get strange (and complicated) when his dying grandfather tells him that he is part of an ancient order, the “Pessum Ire,” whose duty is to destroy witches.
What does he do now, since he’s almost positive Samantha is a witch…and he’s crushing on her pretty hard?
About the author:

Mark Harris lives in Smithfield Utah, a small town located in a beautiful valley in Northern Utah. His wife, Shaundale, and he have five terrific children, two girls and three boys. Mark has taught English and Special Education and currently works from home teaching English to people from all over the world.
Writing has always been his true passion since he was a grade schooler writing about mushrooms. "Bewitched" will be his debut novel. He has two others underway and will soon start on the sequel to "Bewitched," called "The Return of the Familiar." He hopes you enjoy his work because he is working on several series geared toward younger audiences.
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My thought's and LONG Excerpt:
I actually like this cover A LOT more than the first one and i LOVE the flame and that now there is a guy attached to the hands :D A pretty AWESOME re-design!
Also since i'm a good searcher I found you guys an EXCEPT from the first chapter!! read it below:
Darren stared beneath the suspended casket into the open hole watching small bits of wet dark earth crumble from the edge and slip down into the black void. He felt totally detached, outside of himself the folding chairs and the freezing rain, watching people bury a complete stranger. The entire event might as well have been on television for all the connection he felt with what was taking place around him.
Crissy glanced up at him and smiled. His six year-old sister’s almond eyes, a product of her Down’s syndrome, sparkled up at him, happy despite the rain that dripped from the rim of her black hat. It must be nice to be Crissy, blissfully unaware that their brother Ethan wouldn’t be coming home from PerĂº. To her this was just another social gathering; a time when people came together and were nice to her. Life had to be easier when you didn’t totally grasp everything that was going-on around you.
A cold blast of air shot down Darren’s shirt, bringing him back to his dreary surroundings. His tall frame shook involuntarily from the sudden chill. Before it completely passed a blinding bolt of lightning flashed out of the dark sky and struck the ground behind the assembled mourners.
Darren jumped up from his seat and stared at where the lightning had hit expecting to see the people in the back screaming, running for cover, while those closest to him jumped to their feet, terrified.
But nothing like that happened.
No one had moved in the slightest. No loud crack of thunder shook the ground. In fact it was almost unnaturally quiet. Bishop Barlow droned on as if nothing had happened – except for a slight pause and a curious glance at Darren who had leapt to his feet with a wild expression on his face.
Matt and Amy Stevens, Darren’s parents, looked up at him, as if he had just grown an extra hand from the center of his forehead. Hesitantly he sat back down, confused and a bit shaken.
What had just happened?
Crissy reached up and grabbed his hand and gave him a wry smile as if she understood.
There had been a bright flash of light – even if it hadn’t been lightning, it had been impossible to miss. How could he be the only one to have seen that? He looked back at where the lightning had struck – or hadn’t struck. Nothing appeared amiss; there was no scorched earth; nothing was out of place; just people huddled together, shoulders hunched against the rain straining to hear what was being said up front.
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  1. This is Mark. I want to thank you for hosting my cover reveal. I also want to thank you for your kinds thoughts and comments! I think you'll like the book at least as much as the cover! ;) Thanks again (Great blogsite, by the way!)

  2. The cover looks amazing! It's quite interesting! not allot of romance is written from a guys point of views.

    1. That being said It'll be interesting to see if guys pick this up.

    2. yeah i LOVE books that are done in guy POV's and im curios if they will too. would you? O_o


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