Friday, January 25, 2013

NEWS, NEWS, NEWS: Blog Makeover, BLOG TOUR news and Peru 2013!

HEY EVERYONE!! This is just a post to tell you all about whats going on in the blog. The first thing on the menu...
OMG!!! We REACHED and PASSED 900 FOLLOWERS!!!! Me when I woke up yesterday and saw this:
NEVER in a MILLION YEARS would I have though to have more than 500 followers EVER! THANK EVERYONE who follows Read-A-holicZ, New and Old...

Blog Makeover
Ah, so you noticed the new Design? Well I have been re-designing my blog for A LONG TIME! I don't know if this is going to be the final one BUT I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Plus it looks more bookish and more ME!
Also if you know...want to change and upgrade the blog button, the code is below. I WOULD LOVE U TO INFINITY!
Since February is the 1 year blogoversary of Read-A-holicZ, there will be A LOT of action going on and A HUGE GIVEAWAY!! :D

Blog TOURS!!
Okay so me and Hannah @ Book Haven Extraordinaire have been planning on a book tour for 2013, just like what we did for RENEGADE back in 2012. SO EXCITED U GUYS!!! We are going to OPEN SIGN UPS soon, so keep an eye out for a post later today! :D
This is the "official" tour banner I made:
looks awesome right?! Also while doing that I made a few little things u might want to add to ur blogs:

AND NOW THE BIG NEWS...*dun, dun, dun*...
As you may or may not know, back in October-November I took a week long leave of absence. Y? BECAUSE I WENT TO PERU FOR A WEEK!
Now Jan 25th - Feb 4th I WILL BE GONE but NOT GONE again O_O *mind boggling* for PERU for a week AGAIN! :D
So don't fret if It seems kinda lonely on the blog, which it wont if i can schedule some posts :P Just want to tell ya and keep u in the know ^_^
That's it! SEE y'all in a week. COMMENT! :)


  1. Now this is a banner I really like!! That's the style I need for my blog :P

  2. NICE NEW DESIGN! The header definitely suits you!
    I've added your new blog banner by-the-way. =)


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