Sunday, June 30, 2013

The End is HERE! Google Reader and other dreadful things :/

Hey everyone! Don't panic *REMAIN CALM & SEATED* the party has NOT ENDED. So google reader as many already know is SHUTTING DOWN...(dun, dun, dun) and most of us are expecting the worst. UTTER CHAOS and loss of followers X_X Who knows what we'll do...
but if we're still here when this is all over TOMORROW, then follow the blog through EMAIL *that is the best way to stay up to date with anything on the blog*

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So you may have noticed not a lot of book reviews or anything going on on the blog except for the EPIC giveaways to come and that are live right now. Well, there is an explanation. You see my grandmother came this past May, she was sick with a "bacterial infection" supposedly. She got even WORSE here and we took her to the hospital a week and a half ago. They found out she had CANCER. No bacterial infection was EVER IN HER BODY O.O She's out of the hospital right now but only because she has no insurance for the treatment or surgery, so that's what's been taking up my time, recently.
She's not sad about it though, which is something i've always loved and admired from here, her strength and humor in times of utter bleakness. She was making jokes in the hospital and when she found out she had cancer, she cried a bit but then went on and broke the tension with a joke XP She also FLIRTED with the HOT massage guys X_X That's my grandma for ya. So, i might be absent here awhile more.
ANNNNND I'm getting operated tomorrow (monday) for a tooth that's coming out that is a PAIN X_X So I'll have something posted just won't be here to reply to comments or tweet for a bit.



  1. Dang girl lots of stuff happening! Hope you're doing okay! We haven't talked in FOREVER and I miss you! And your blog is looking gorgeous as ever!!!

    <3333 Inky

    1. Awww *I MISS OUR CHATS TOO!* ;_; I WILL make myself MORE available so we can chat :D And thanks, i love my design and i LOVE UR design too!! Lots of things happening but oh, well that's life, what can we do? :/ Thanks for stopping by INKY, <3 you x Always :D

  2. Oh mah!! THE END IS HERE :O
    All the best for your operation! How was it? I hope you're feeling better?

    1. LOL, you know wat happened, I went in for one tooth now i'm rescheduled for next monday with 4 TEETH COMING OUT @_@ PLUS i'm going to be sedated *DEAD ASLEEP* X_X ah! Thanks for coming by Emily as always <3!!


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