Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Lovin' read-a-thon: Day 1 + challenge

Okay, so i'm late to this but I really wanted to join a summer read-a-thon *i am a read-a-holic, right?!* so why not join! Sorry about the graphic's there not mine, they come from tamara over @ Shelf Addiction. So they don't match or contrast with the image background on the blog, sorry >_<
And also if you want to join the fun, just enter the read-a-thon, HERE! or look at the other epic read-a-thons, on the official Read-a-Thon website, HERE!
So enough of my blabbing, let's continue to the post.
So hi! My name is Lisseth, I live in NY and study on occasion :P I love to draw, to have sing-alongs with my sister and hear tons of music. I'm 19 I LOVE READING, you could say i'm addicted. I do tons of blog designs FOR FREE because i LOVE making them and I love to create story's and write, write, write!
I started blogging because I had read so many books (200+ books) summer 2011! My sister was getting tired of me babbling to her all the time so SHE told me blog about it and that's where blogging started :D As for my book love origin, i really have to thank Scott Westerfeld's UGLIES series for that. Before that I READ NO YA *gasp* but it's the truth, so I really owe my passion for books to that series :)
For My favorite genre, i would have to say within YA it has to be fantasy or paranormal because they really let you explore new worlds and let your imagination run wild! As for Adult, I would have to say contemporary romance, because it's more real and close to what you WISh ur life was like XP plus some good steamy parts in the romances ;D
As for my goals...I have 5 books I WANT to read that are more I NEED to read :P I know i might not get to them all but I really want to devour books like i had 2 years ago. Here are the lovelies I'm picking up:

The first challenge for this read-a-thon is to post a “Teaser Tidbit”
-Grab the book you’re currently reading (or recently read)
-Open to a random page
-Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page NO spoilers allowed! Choose passages void of spoilers. The goal
is to entice, yet not ruin the book for others!
-Share the title & author, so that other participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers!
I already started SINCE YOU ASKED by Maureen Goo. My 2 *kinda 4 sentences* teasers will come from there & it's pretty funny! [picture linked to goodreads, if ya wanna add to ur TBR shelf]
"Mom, um, I think I have to buy a dress"
My mom scoffed (the korean Mom disdainful scoff-a key element in the fine art of Asian art of undermining your children's
self-esteem). "A dress? Why would you need a dress?"
Even my mom thought I was a loser. - PAGE 51 (ARC)



  1. Great list of book! I hope you enjoy reading them all this week.

    BTW, I e-mailed you a while back about doing a blog design for me but never heard back from you....Do you still offer them?

    - Beckie

    1. Thanks Beckie!and yes i do >_< sorry but a lot of family things happened all at once. I'll reply soon :) Thanks for stopping by MUCH <3!

  2. It's never too late! :)
    Oh I love the teaser! It sounds like a hilarious book. I can't wait to see what you think about it!

    1. :D YAY glad you loved the teaser and OMG it SO IS, i cannot stop laughing! Thanks for dropping by Daniela, much <3!


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