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*Aren't they cute XD* Hi again and we're back for part 2 of thy blog-o-versary! If you missed the first part click here and enter the giveaway that ends TONIGHT at 12am here! Now onto the post.

As we continue this trip back in time...I love bookish SWAG and giveaways! Not just entering but also hosting them. Want to know why? Because I got most of my books and signed goodies from them, so i love spreading the love and making someone else out there get some feels at winning something. To me I had NEVER won anything from a giveaway and then I suddenly was winning a giveaway almost every day, it was utter crazy! The first signed book I won was SWEET EVIL by Wendy Higgins. She sent it all fancy and I even did a whole post on it here.

Want to know something crazy, I didn't request any physical ARCS until this past summer :O All the ARCS up until then had been won through giveaways or I requested online but never had a physical copy until in my hands. So no I didn't start this blog for the free books or ARCS either, I literally just though "hey why not? I see a lot of cool people here doing it" so I did XP

Now let's travel through blog headers!!! My blog has really changed from it's early days. It's gone from weird to generic to crazy to bookish to *hopefully* cool. I can't really stick with one design all the time. That's why I never payed for a design and picked up coding and designing. Now I was pretty good at art but I had never dabbled in the magical world of computer graphics before. So it was all so confusing and foreign to me. My first blog header was a complete MESS. Well see how I improved below [l to r]:

See ALL THAT! Those took hours of work to get these babies up on the blog but I had at least 3 different variations for each one XD OH THE WORK!! But in the end it led me to become a better graphic designer and make loads of blog designs for other people. I love making things and this is a place where I can show and share all the cool things I was able to create.

So I guess that's it for today. Oh yeah the giveaway! Almost forgot *silly me* There will be TWO winners; ONE WINNER WILL GET A COMPLETE BLOG DESIGN FROM ME and ONE WINNER WILL WIN A RANDOM YA BOOK! All you have to do is ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW AND LEAVE UR EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS! It's open internationally and ENDS SUNDAY at 12am! Question's below:

1. Which of the past blog designs did you like? It's numbered from 1 to 22 and goes from left to right.
2. What would you like to win; the blog design or a book?

Tomorrow I come back with a big announcement and if you LOVE K-POP drop by because you will NOT want to miss this great opportunity to jump on a new and crazy awesome journey with me :) Until then, BYE!! - <3 LISSETH


  1. 1. I like the following banners best:

    2. I'd rather win a book. Thanks.

    bookaholicholly at gmail dot com

  2. 1. Which of the past blog designs did you like? It's numbered from 1 to 22 and goes from left to right.
    My favourites are; #12, #17 and of course #22, your current one! :D I like headers to be a little more simplictic. :)

    2. What would you like to win; the blog design or a book?
    As much as I love your blog designing, I love to design and do my own blog. ^.^ So, I'd love to win a book if possible please! :3


  3. Happy blogoversary!
    I love 12 an 22 and since I have a esign on my blog I am very in love with, I would love to win a YA book. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. once again happy blogoversary and thank you a lot for sharing with us like that.

    I love n° 18, 14 and 7

    and i would prefer to win a book please



  5. *waves* Hi again! This party just keeps going doesn't it. ^^

    #1: I don't know which header is my favorite… but it's so neat to see how you've grown and developed as a designer.

    #2: I would want to win the book please. While I think your blog designs are super fun, I also like to work and play with designs of my own for my personal blog. ^^

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. 1/Which of the past blog designs did you like? I love num 21
    2.the book! I really love reading and I don't have a blog :/

  7. I really like the current one!! And I would choose the book,please! :)

  8. I love your current one and #17

    I think that was is so pretty!! I would choose a book!

  9. I love #18, #20, #22. I like simple headers. The post should be in the center of attention, not the header.

    I think I would choose a book since I'm already working with someone on the design of my blog.

  10. My favorite are #13 and #14. I would choose a book. Thanks!!! :)

    tonka0907 at net dot hr

  11. Happy Blogoversary! My favorite are #8, #17 and #22. I love the one you have now. I like the simplicity of it and I love the colors. :)

    1. Oops I hit submit before I finished hehe. I would like to win a book. dayowldreamer(at)gmail(dot)com.

  12. 1. I really like design #21

    2. I would love to win a book.

  13. I love design #12 and #22

    I'd love to win a book because I don't have a blog :)
    blackcapballistics AT gmail DOT com

  14. 1. I really like designs 22 and 18
    2. I'd love to win a blog design! I'm much overdue.

    Congrats and happy blogoversary!

  15. I love design #22 best and then #12.
    I would like to win the book, thank you for the giveaway :)

  16. I like blog design 1 and 22 the best.I would rather have the book. Saddly I dont have a blog but I've been thinking of starting one. I just dont know how. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I love 13 and 18. I think I'd like to win a book though. :)

  18. Happy Blogoversary!
    My top three banners are #17, #22 and #14...after that its pretty close and I couldn't choose...
    Although I'd love a blog design by you...I don't currently have a I'd love to win a book...if I'm lucky...
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I love #16, #17 and #22, they all caught my eye quickly! Unfortunately I don't have a blog, so I'd like to enter for a book please.
    Happy Blogoversary!

  20. Happy Blogoversary! You have a lot of beautiful designs! But mostly I love 12,16-18, and your current theme. Though I think I love 18 more. :) Of course I'd love to win a book!


  21. 1. I really like design #19 #20 and #22.
    2. I'd love to win a book.

    Happy blogoversary! *throws confetti*.

  22. I liked #13!
    Well I want both but maybe a book first?


  23. I liked #12 and #17.
    I'd love the book
    thank you!

  24. I definitely love #1 design its simple and classy. But I also love #12 because it so girly and looks gorgeous !! Plus I just love the color ! And if I win, I would definitely love to get my blog redesigned by you !!

    - Gayatri @ Notorious Writer


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